Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Right and Their Sudden Concern About Marxism

This is making me a little nervous. It was just a couple years ago that I started seeing the term "cultural Marxism" pop up, used as a derogatory term against feminism and "social justice warriors." It came from a certain type of anti-feminist, anti-sjw person, MRA, GamerGater or what have you - the super faux intellectual type that always started out using big words and kinda trying to seem reasonable but a little pushing and it quickly became clear that they held extreme views. Now I recognize that these individuals as closet white supremacists, now not so closeted. The future "alt-right."

In the wake of Charlottesville, I'm starting to see the word "Marxism" pop up in mainstream news headlines. Because white nationalists are claiming their hate rallies and marches to be against it. They're titling them "March Against Marxism" and other equally nonsensical things, because lol what Marxism? The U.S. is pretty much as anti-communist as it gets, and let's be real, most of us don't know much about the differences between communism and Marxism.

On the one hand, it's clearly a reactionary defense mechanism, just like always. People are marching against their ism so they'll find any ism they can find to pin on us (the non-nazis) and march against that. But I'm also concerned because scapegoating is pretty much the #1 way that fascists rise to power. The German Nazi Party did it pre-WWII, with Jewish people, and with communists.

Courtesy of Nova and the Decentral Department of Kitschy Propaganda

Don't get me wrong, our current nazi problem is attacking Jewish people to get support as well. It's just mostly through dog whistles about globalization and banker conspiracy theories that always include Jewish individuals in their list of boogeymen pulling all the strings behind the scenes.

But the combination of relentless attacks on the press and this sudden talk of Marxism as though it's always been a strong influencing force in this country all juxtaposed against that old newspaper clip up there - I'm a liiiiittle concerned.

Now, I'm sympathetic to communists. It sounds a hell of a lot better than capitalism. But the general public of this country isn't ready for that. I half expect some rando to find this post and start screaming about the mass murders of Joseph Stalin in the comments because people don't understand what communism is here, at all. I therefore think the best course of action is to start seriously studying communism and Marxism to make it easier to explain to the average person why these alt-right fucks are full of shit, while maybe planting the seed of "actually communism doesn't equal millions of dead people."

Maybe being armed with knowledge will actually help for once.

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