Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Alt-Right and Their Jokes

A Twitter thread from last year resurfaced and is still extremely relevant. And I didn't see it last year so.

It's also great because this morning I've got "Kekistan" losers all over that post about how they attacked Sophie, further proving the "joke" to just be a front for actual Nazism. Here's how:

The same applies to this "Kekistan" thing. Plus, pretending doing and saying all the things they do and say is fine because "just joking" exposes often young white men to horrific bigotry and desensitizes them to it. Then they're exposed to the deeper ideas behind Nazism and indoctrinated into white nationalism by their new ingroup. It's a pretty smart tactic, actually.

So don't let them convince you it's just a joke. They'll laugh and mock you, but behind all that is the fear that everyone will realize what their scheme is. Or they've recently been indoctrinated and don't get it themselves yet. Then they're just sad but it's probably too late for them.

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