Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tech Companies Still Hostile to Women

Breaking news, water is wet.

You may have heard about the "anti-diversity manifesto" found within Google, penned by an anonymous software engineer. Moment to point out the irony of calling diversity efforts an "echo chamber" when it's well known that the un-diverse group think is what creates an echo chamber, resulting in creative stagnation. This guy apparently thinks that women are just "biologically" blah blah blah blah ancient debunked unscientific clap trap. Oh and "liberal bias." Also not hiring and mentoring only white men creates a "monoculture." Treat people as individuals, and ignore all historical context, just treat them all like white dudes, as is the societal default.

Google is based in Seattle, and I've had the opportunity to apply for them as a copy writer before, just like for Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, and other Seattle-based tech companies, of which there are an entire crap load. Interestingly, by which I mean this surprises me not at all, the city is also home to a larger than usual gendered pay gap for a large, ostensibly liberal city.

Report: Seattle's Wage Gap Is Worse Than Similarly-Sized Cities

In Denver, Boston, Baltimore, and Nashville, median income data shows that women workers make at least 86 cents on dollars earned by men. In Seattle, women make just 78 cents. 
"I think we tend to think that Seattle has its act together," Adnan Mahmud, founder of civic data company LiveStories told The Stranger last week. "But the data shows otherwise." 
The biggest gender wage gap in Seattle? The most educated workers. 
For women workers who haven't graduated from high school or college, the gender wage gap in Seattle is still better than the national average, according to data from the American Community Survey. But the gap grows much wider for women who have earned bachelor's, graduate, or professional degrees.

Hmmm. Area with lots of tech companies. Larger pay gap among women with more advanced college degrees. What could that be about?

Tech jobs keep multiplying as time goes on. Things will only get much worse for women, people of color, and particularly women of color unless tech companies make a serious, concerted effort to eliminate this techno-bro culture and weed out fuckers like this who drive out anyone who's not a white man. Google in particular is supposed to not be evil. Offering mentorship programs to women and people of color is not enough. This kind of sexism cannot be tolerated and must be actively rooted out, or evil things will keep happening within your company.

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