Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Someone Save Venezuela


I think I've posted about the situation in Venezuela before but the country is in full crisis now. They apparently just had an election, and the country's authorities report way higher numbers of voters than an independent exit poll. Of course, the dictator-in-waiting guy won. People still have no food because there's just nothing in stores and now there are massive riots, with fifteen civilian deaths yesterday.

I haven't seen hardly any news about this horrific humanitarian crisis in U.S. media, but apparently Lord Dampnut is about to impose more severe sanctions on Venezuela, which will only drive the country's fucked up economy straight into the ground. Clearly the current Venezuelan administration doesn't give a flying fuck if its people die and sanctions will not hurt the elite. But when has the U.S. government ever done anything but try to fuck Venezuela over for not giving us all their oil?

The only politicians over here who seem to care are using this as a chance to say "this proves communism is always bad, capitalism forever." While we sink right in the same direction. Anyway.

This post provides information and a list of ways you can help. It seems very likely that more people will die, and either way, they're facing full government control and complete loss of freedom of speech. Due to scarcity, they mostly need food, water, and medicine. Many of the links are to Venezuelan organizations so you know your money will go to the right place.

I hope people will be okay. I hope my country doesn't use this as an excuse to go into Venezuela and essentially take over so we can steal their oil. I wish the world was better.

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