Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Signs That an Antifa Social Media Account is Fake

Now that antifa has been in the mainstream news and people are actually becoming aware of their existence, their enemies, namely fascists, are taking the opportunity to spread as much false information about them as possible. This of course includes the making of fake social media accounts that conveniently do all the things that the alt-right has been claiming they do.

Here's the thing about antifa. Even me talking about antifa like it's a physical group of people is misleading. Antifa is primarily an idea. It's a movement, a set of tactics, and a general hatred of fascism in all its forms. There are social media accounts run by people who follow the ideals and tactics of antifa and post things in support of anti-fascism. There are local organizations that call themselves antifa where people may even get together to discuss strategies to fight fascism. These meetings might have people running them.

But antifa is not a political party, or a club, or anything that has a board of directors governing it. That's like claiming there is a sinister circle of women somewhere controlling all of feminism - though some people on the right do seem to also believe that is a thing. Antifa is anti-fascism, and if you're not a fan of fascism, you could easily be called antifa yourself. We Are All Antifa. It's just that when you're at an actual protest and the cops are refusing to let you get to where you need to be in order to effectively protest the thing that needs protesting, you may be less antifa in your tactics for solving this particular problem.

Knowing this, it becomes easier to spot fake antifa social accounts. But here are some signs of an almost certain fake:

  • Someone is claiming to be an antifa "leader" or that their organization is the "head" of antifa.
  • Claims to be giving "orders" coming from the "top."
  • Acts like all of antifa is a unified organization or has some centralized governance.
  • Talks about "reforming" antifa or going against some kind of leadership.
  • Announces public meetings to plan to do something illegal (lmao).

Other signs to look out for that should be obvious but whatever include:

  • Calling for the actual genocide of white people.
  • Posting images or video of antifa doing illegal shit with their faces clearly visible.
  • Publicly calling for clearly illegal and violent action.
  • Declaring support for ISIS (yes this has happened).
  • Asks followers to post stories of violent/illegal activities they've engaged in (feds).
  • Outright calls conservatives and liberals the enemy and encourages violence against these groups in general.
  • Claims to be "against whiteness" or something like that.
  • Conveniently confirms alt-right conspiracy theories or other ridiculous thoughts they have about the left, communism, socialism, anarchism, etc.

If you want to understand antifa, I recommend finding one or two real antifa social accounts to follow. I can safely say that Rose City Antifa on Facebook is legit and a good resource. Other local antifa pages might not be exactly the same. Again, antifa is just an idea, and the people running these accounts are just people who should be following the general agreed-upon antifa guidelines. If they clearly don't, they're not antifa. They're just fa.

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