Thursday, August 17, 2017

*Screaming Eternal Into the Void*

Last night I learned about a "protest" that happened yesterday in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. About 10 dorks in MAGA hats were "protesting" the existence of a statue of Lenin that has stood in Fremont for a few decades now. I put protesting in scare quotes because this is clearly just some reactionary bullshit around the mass protests against Confederate monuments across the country (even Seattle has one). Like either that or they just wanted some attention and they're not about to protest monuments to Confederate losers so lol.

The Seattle PI reported on this, or more accurately, reported off of the Twitter video of a local white nationalist and conspiracy theorist. The video is 24 and a half minutes of complete hell for anyone who knows anything about history, like, at all. I am not a history buff but this was so painful. In the first eight seconds you get to see a sign that says "Lenin is Hitler." Which, like. First of all. Okay. MY BRAIN IS SCREAMING.

It would be bad enough if it said "Lenin = Hitler" because then you're just saying they're essentially the same but "Lenin is Hitler" suggests that both of them are still alive and that Hitler is actually just Lenin in disguise.

Then the dude starts going on about how we shouldn't have a monument to the death of 100 million people, and then they start chanting "hey hey, ho ho, Marxism has got to go."

I just.

In that order.

Yes Lenin was a Marxist and yes Lenin and Stalin were on the same side pretty much before Lenin died but neither Lenin nor Marx had anything to do with the murder of 100 million people in and around Russia under Stalin, the horrible paranoid dictator. Also, saying Marxism has to go is like saying Babism has to go, in that there may be some followers of Babism around, they're not enough to be a threat to you even if it weren't utterly harmless to begin with. Unlike nazism, which has racism and eugenics at its very core.

I couldn't watch much of the video because THE PAIN but this is what local MAGA hat wearers are worried about. Anyway, let's work on getting that fucking confederate monument taken down, shall we?

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