Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Police Support White Supremacists

I'm not talking about a theoretically, general sense in that their literal purpose is to protect the ruling class and the status quo. I mean that like a news headline. In Charlottesville, they supported white supremacists. In Seattle, they supported, protected, and defended white supremacists. And when those white supremacists attacked, police did little to nothing.

We all remember Ferguson, right? Have you forgotten? The tanks rolling through neighborhood streets, images of police aiming sniper rifles directly at protesters, reports of tear gas being thrown into people's backyards. Ferguson was turned into a war zone, or at least what it looks like when the U.S. goes and occupies Middle Eastern counties for years and years and years because we want their oil and general control over the region.

White supremacist marchers in Charlottesville? Different story. It recently came out that a white supremacist literally fired a gun in the middle of their march, could have easily hit someone, and police just stood there as he walked away. The video is kind of fucking horrifying. It shows a different perspective from that photo of the black dude spraying fire at white supremacists. Turns out this man, Corey Long, was using a can of spray paint a white supremacists had thrown at him to try and protect a frightened elderly man. In the video, you can see something being sprayed at or near the marching white supremacists, and then at one point one of them appears to strike out at someone. A second or two after, you can see the flame, but Long is obscured by people. The flame doesn't come close to touching anyone, appearing to just be a warning to back the fuck off.

Effective, safer than a gun.
Then a white man, clearly in view of the camera, can be clearly heard saying "hey [n-word]!" and he points a gun at head level and pulls the trigger. Thank fucking god, the gun doesn't fire. He then steps back, either turns off the safety or slides a bullet into the chamber, and he again points, this time low (still looks like he could have easily struck a leg) and fires. People are stunned and look around, and soon you can hear screaming about a gun going off. And in the background, there are the police, doing fucking nothing. I'm assuming cops are trained to recognize the sound of fucking gunfire??? But nothing. They act like they didn't even hear anything, but there's no way they're that close and don't hear a gun go off.

Remember what happened when there was supposedly gunfire at the anniversary rally for Mike Brown two years ago in Ferguson? Police hunted down and shot the suspect, a black man (barely, he was 18), and nearly killed him. His name was quickly released by the press and his name dragged through the mud in typical white press style. In the case of this white supremacist, he was peacefully arrested days later and only charged with discharging a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school. Would he have been arrested at all if he hadn't been close to a school? Probs not.

The video clearly shows the attempted murder of a black man by a white supremacist RIGHT IN FRONT OF CHILDREN, and the police have the nerve to claim they didn't hear the shot. The charge is a felony and carries a sentence of up to 10 years, but I doubt he'll see much if any jail time.

And, as one man asked loudly during one of the horrific videos of the car barreling into counter-protesters and killing one, where the fuck were the police when that happened? Police were all over the fucking show at Ferguson. At BLM protests in Seattle, police constantly have us surrounded. They have every cop in the fucking city on us, which is why I don't bother to pay for parking during BLM protests and have never gotten a ticket.

What really shocks me in terms of police tolerating the actions of white supremacists are the videos of lines of these racists actually physically pushing against lines of police as hard as they can, digging in and just pushing. And the police just hold their line! No tear gas, no flash bangs, no pepper spray.

I've been in BLM protests, right up front, where when the line of protesters got too close to the line of police, that being within a couple feet of them, they respond violently. I have personally witnessed police randomly shoving their fucking bicycles at us, yelling "get back," hitting people, for no reason other than maybe I guess we inched a little too close to them. No touching from us. Violent shoving from them.

White supremacists trying to rescue Richard Spencer from police. Black people could never get away with having their hands on cops like that.

Same thing at our counter protest to the most recent white supremacist rally in Seattle. We didn't touch the police. And we got tear gassed anyway.

That's always how it is. The cops are facing us, protecting white supremacists. They'll peacefully tolerate white supremacists shoving against their line with all their might, but we get too close for their comfort and it's violence time.

Do you need any more evidence that police support white supremacists and white supremacy? If the answer is "yes," you're probably just racist.

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