Thursday, August 24, 2017

Justice for Charnesia Corley


This is hard for me to write about because it's so triggering for me, but I'm aware that my white privilege will likely protect me from ever having to experience this kind of horror at the hands of police. Or at least if I did, the cops would be arrested, charged, and convicted with something, especially if there was fucking dashcam footage of it happening, as is the case for Ms. Corley.

Dashcam video shows police sexually assaulted Texas woman, lawyer says.

Many people have said that it in fact shows straight up rape, but I can't watch it.

Corley was pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign and failing to use turn signals. In the video, she is made to stand, handcuffed, outside her car while two officers look inside. She is then searched with the rear passenger-side door open, partially obscuring the camera’s view of her body. 
Corley is then put on the ground, naked below the waist, and examined for about 11 minutes by a female officer using a flashlight. The incident happened in the parking lot of a Texaco garage in Houston late on a June evening in 2015, when she was a 20-year-old student.

For running a fucking stop sign and failing to use turn signals. Both things I have done multiple times in my life. But a cop would never search my car for drugs for that, let alone my body.

The federal lawsuit against Harris County alleges: “When one of the Deputies tried to insert her fingers into Ms Corley’s vagina, Ms Corley protested. At that point, the Deputies forcibly threw Ms Corley to the ground, while she was still handcuffed, pinned her down with her legs spread apart, threatened to break her legs and without consent penetrated her vagina in a purported search for marijuana.” 
Corley was arrested and charged with possession of 0.02 ounces of marijuana and resisting arrest; the charges were dropped by the Harris County district attorney’s office.


Cammack made the video public after two Harris County deputies, Ronaldine Pierre and William Strong, were cleared of official oppression by a grand jury earlier this month. They are still with the sheriff’s department.

Not even fired. They raped her for no reason. And they're still cops.

Corley is suing, because she's apparently that brave and strong of a person. Make a statue of her. Tear down the local confederate monument, because your know there is one, and replace it with a statue of Charnesia Corley kicking a cop in the ass.

I hate that this happened to her. I hate that cops can do things like this to black women and get away with it because of the white supremacy in this country. This is what white supremacy results in, and this is why I have the distinct feeling of wanting white supremacists to die. I won't apologize for that feeling. I don't see why I should, when they won't even apologize to Ms. Corley or any of the other black women and girls who have been horrifically violated by my fellow white people.

I hate white supremacy and I'm glad I hate white supremacy.

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