Friday, August 18, 2017

Geek Losers Create, Postpone Event to Defend Fired Google Nerd

Alt-right nerds are trying to make a rallying point out of that dork who got fired for basically announcing to all of Google that he's a misogynist who believes in junk science and for trying to get other nerd dudes to believe in it, too. They were planning on having rallies at a bunch of different Google campuses, including the one in Kirkland, which is way to close to where I live for me to not show up no matter how fucking exhausted I am by these fucking antics.

So I was really relieved when they cancelled/postponed this nonsense. They claimed that it was because of "alt-left terrorist threats" (lmao) but I'm pretty sure that's a lie to cover up the fact that they're just scared of getting their shit pushed in due to the momentum on the left created by the anger over the Charlottesville white supremacist fest.

Similar to many tantrums thrown by the "GamerGate" crowd any time a misogynist got fired for being a misogynist (no coincidence here, GamerGate was a test run for the alt-right), the "March on Google" claimed to be an event in defense of "free speech," ignoring the fact that freedom of speech only applies to the government, and not corporations. It can't protect you if you say some bigoted shit and get fired. It also hasn't protected women who have spoken out against misogyny in the workplace or in the industry at large and gotten fired - corporate actions that GamerGaters and alt-righters have defended without fail.

The poor persecuted techbros posted about the cancellation of the march on Wednesday, saying shit like "CNN and other mainstream media made malicious and false statements that our peaceful march was being organized by Nazi sympathizers" and "In one instance, an Alt Left threat was made to use an automobile to drive into our peaceful march."

Okay, that second one definitely never happened. And as for the first thing, if you're not alt-right nazi sympathizers, which I highly doubt CNN ever said you were, why do you keep using a term created by neo-nazis and why does your original post say this shit: "Post to the hashtag #MarchOnGoogle with your best memes."

Are you even trying to hide it? Because you're doing a terrible job.

50/50 chance on whether this march will ever actually happen. Misogynist techbros are cowards, much like the entire alt-right, but their fragile egos and terror at seeing their fellow misogynists face real consequences for misogyny might fuel them to make this actually happen.

And we'll be there if it does. Don't worry, no one will hit you with their cars, but there has been talk of super soakers. Loaded with urine.

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