Monday, August 7, 2017

Geek Girl Con Gets Better on Race, White People Very Upset

So yesterday I received an email from the official Geek Girl Con account entitled "An Urgent Message From GeekGirlCon." This apparently went out to everyone on their email list, including everyone set to attend this year. It was composed by the Convention Operations Team, who were announcing their resignation due to what they said was "bullying, gender discrimination, racism, misuse of charitable funds, and many instances of unethical behavior."

I was immediately concerned. If there's one thing I know, it's that both geek and feminist communities have problems with gender and race. But, having been fooled before, I read with caution. The allegations of discrimination did not go into detail, only talking about the removal of a staff member without saying why they were removed. Other allegations were alarming but vague. I knew I had to look into more information before I made my judgement.

One important detail is that the Executive Director of Geek Girl Con, at whom the email directed many of its complaints, is a woman of color. I'm not 100% sure of Michele Carrico Domingo's race and ethnicity, but accusing her of racism raises a red flag for me. People of color can be racist against other non-white races, but I had no way of knowing from the email what the races of the Convention Operations Team were.

Today, I found out they were all white, and complaining about sexism against men and racism against white people. And probably other things that don't exist. You can read more in Audrey Redpath's Twitter thread.

At first I was still hesitant to declare the email bullshit, but then Redpath posted this:

Unless that image is completely fabricated, it's clear that they were indeed talking about "discrimination" against men and white people, and that they were likely being intentionally misleading to try and get people to react and get their passes refunded before finding out more information. I'm glad I gave Geek Girl Con the benefit of the doubt.

That being said, Geek Girl Con has not been perfect. Leslie Mac, co-founder of Safety Pin Box, took to Twitter this morning to talk about how she had trouble with Geek Girl Con due to anti-blackness among the staff, but that it was the current Executive Director who stepped in to make sure this organization was included and treated right.

And apparently, it was this intervention that pissed of the white team members to begin with. Safety Pin Box, by the way, was founded and continues to be lead by black women, and is a resource to teach white people how to effectively combat their inner racism and white supremacy at large. It's amazing and I already signed up for their free sample task, which is more like a four-week educational course. For free. Get it. And then give them some money if you can.

In conclusion, good riddance to that privileged garbage, thanks for taking yourself out. And I'll still be going to Geek Girl Con, both days, and maybe donating a bit extra to make up for any loss of revenue they experienced thanks to five of my fellow white people.

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