Friday, August 11, 2017

Fired Google Nerd Desperately Trying to Make Himself a Martyr

Come down, James. Get off your fuckin' cross.

So Google tracked down the ugly techbro who wrote the anti-diversity """manifesto""" and fired his ass. His name is James Damore and he's gone full drama mode.


Bro you were fired for spouting the same non-scientific bullshit that's been debunked about 84537845793 times by feminists and scientists alike and is today only repeated by men who hate women. I mean, if the "truth" you're referring to is "I'm a sexist dildo" then yeah you were fired for that.

This guy went to fucking Harvard.

But widespread mockery isn't going to stop this guy from continually escalating the drama. Take a look at this shit:

Fired Google engineer compares high-paid tech job to Soviet forced labor

Seriously. Check the photo.


Google, which provides free meals, massages, and fitness classes at its Mountain View, California headquarters, pays engineers like Damore a typical salary of $162,000, according to Glassdoor, not including extra compensation like healthcare benefits, retirement savings, and equity. The company also offers its employees training opportunities, including volunteer sessions on subjects like diversity and unconscious bias. 
You know, just like a Gulag.

If Google's such a hellhole, why so mad about being fired from it?

But it gets so much worse. Guess who's coming to Damore's defense? Can you guess?

Google Canceled Its Meeting About The "Anti-Diversity Memo" Because Employees Got Doxxed

Yep. Now the alt-right misogynist troll mob has planted their flag in this "cause," because a sexist getting fired for being sexist? Not on their watch.

4chan's /pol/ message board, known for doxxing people who don't agree with its extremist views, tweeted the names and Twitter handles of Google employees to be doxxed:


And now these individuals have to suffer under the relentless bullshit of the "alt-right" for as long as James can keep the attention on himself. And it looks like he's real eager to do that. Meanwhile the rest of us here in Reasonableville are like "hmmm, the guy who wrote that manifesto the right is claiming to be harmless is finding allies among actual nazis who spend their spare time making crusades out of threatening, harassing, and doxxing people who deviate at all from the cishet while male 'norm'? Good call firing him, Google."

But sure, James. You're the victim here.

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