Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Facebook is Racist, Part 49360385038


Hey Facebook! You're a racist fucking company, did you know that? Because a lot of us sure do.

There are some really racist and misogynistic comments displayed in the coming link, so be careful:

Facebook’s Complicity in the Silencing of Black Women

So Ijeoma Oluo, one of my favorite writers ever, is traveling through Montana and stops at a Cracker Barrel. She then proceeds to make a joke on Twitter about her nervousness in this very white establishment. Then white conservative Twitter notices. You can guess what follows.

Remember that post I just made on the nature of jokes? This applies. Ijeoma was signaling to her ingroup here, but instead of looking for people who hold prejudices, she was signaling for support because she really was a little scared. Keep in mind she was with her children. And remember that black people have every right to be prejudiced against and afraid of us white people considering all we've done and keep doing to them. This is a survival tactic.

Of course all of that is completely lost on the actual racists that flooded her mentions to call her a racist and much worse things, like racial slurs and such. Then they went to Facebook to attack her there. Again, you may be able to make an educated guess as to how Facebook handled this.

So after getting absolutely no help from facebook whatsoever, I started posting screenshots of the comments and messages I was getting. The ones you are seeing above, and more. If you send me a message saying that you hope I get hit by a bus, or pushed off the Grand Canyon, and facebook absolutely refuses to hold you accountable, the least you deserve is for people to see the hate you are spreading. 
And finally, facebook decided to take action. What did they do? Did they suspend any of the people who threatened me? No. Did they take down Twitchy’s post that was sending hundreds of hate-filled commenters my way? No. 
They suspended me for three days for posting screenshots of the abuse they have refused to do anything about.

Facebook, people have been calling you out about this for years. Twitter has changed, but you've committed yourself to your racism and support of white supremacy. You are determined to support and enable white supremacists and harassers who seek to drive out any person of color who "steps out of line" in their minds, particularly black women. Is this really what you want? Is this the side you're willing to die for?

Lately, Facebook has been an invaluable tool for me in my path to becoming a full time, self-sustaining freelance writer. But right now I'm weighing whether it's worth it to keep supporting a company that keeps demonstrating itself to be a platform for white supremacy. If you don't need Facebook, maybe consider deleting your account. As for me, I'll be sending daily messages through their help desk telling them about how racist they are until they either change, ban me, or I no longer need Facebook anymore and leave myself.

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