Thursday, July 27, 2017

You Know What's Funny


So last night (and this is not the funny part) I slipped up and go into an intense and unproductive Facebook fight with multiple white nationalists because I left a negative review on that horrific "Defend Europe" organization's Facebook page explaining that I don't think they should send a boat to disrupt a rescue operation of a boatload of refugees in one of those boats like the ones that have capsized and resulted in dozens of people dead from drowning.

Surprise surprise, white nationalists have a different opinion. They also think that "European" children (read: white kids) are more important than Syrian or Libyan kids, and there is some kind of invisible crisis of refugees murdering and raping everyone, and the real problem that Defend Europe is fighting against is "economic migrants" who come and get food and houses and jobs and women for free and are apparently willing to risk drowning to get it even though they're not about to die in their home countries. Or Defend Europe is only trying to stop the boats full of refugees from launching in the first place, so they can go ahead and die on land from starvation or being blown apart by American bombs, and also disregard the whole crowdfunded boat used to disrupt actual in progress rescue operations of boats full of refugees who have already arrived.

Something like that. Also I should move to Africa. All of it? At the same time? I dunno.

Anyway it was a mistake to even leave the review. Why do they even have a review feature on their Facebook page, they're not a business? So a load of bad reviews or negative press isn't going to change their minds because they're not motivated by money, they're just racists, and they're not interested in my appeals to their humanity, because they have none.

Here is what is funny, and by "funny," I mean "the only thing keeping me from pure hatred of all humanity and becoming a super villain bent on the destruction of the human race." In a few decades, after all the ice melts, huge chunks of Europe will end up under water, and there will be millions of climate refugees from these countries, and when they're begging to get into the U.S. and get told to fuck off and drown, if I'm still alive, I'll think of these white nationalists and laugh.

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