Tuesday, July 25, 2017

You Know the Economy Never Recovered

This is on my mind right now because my contract for yet another contact position with no benefits at all is coming to an end and so I'm applying for jobs. The despair and frustration and hair-pulling, wanting to lean my head back and just scream in the middle of the office (which is where I'm writing this right now, fuck you, you get what you pay for), of finding of job I might actually want in the year 2017 is only matched by the head-slamming-into-my-desk bafflement mixed with anger at the fact that so many people are unaware of the fact that since the """"great recession,"""" shit has not actually gotten better. I mean, unemployment rates have gone down, but that doesn't mean things are """"better.""""

They're just different. And the New Normal.

It's still difficult to get a job. Any job. But we're all resigned to the fact that most of the applications we sent in online will never even be looked at, or will be glanced over and immediately discarded - all the time we put into them, wasted. We're resigned to the fact that for any job, especially decent ones, there will likely be hundreds of other applicants, and the chances of even getting an interview are slim to none. We're resigned to the fact that the best we can probably hope for is underpaid, under-appreciated service jobs that will slowly damage our bodies and crush our souls, and we'll still have no job security and only shit benefits after working there for at least six months. Or, if we're lucky, contract jobs that pay decently but come with absolutely no job security and no benefits. No paid time off, no health insurance, nothing.

There are more job openings in some places than there used to be. But they're all contract, part time, shit positions that demand experience for entry level work and full loyalty and flexibility from employees who need to work multiple jobs to survive.

And what about the other factors that come into trying to live? Cost of living continues to rise. The price of houses and rent continue to rise, and where I live it's really bad. The only new apartments being built are luxury apartments designed for the lucky tech dudes working at Microsoft and Amazon, pouring their lives and souls into these corporations so they can live in a two-bedroom apartment in Bellevue.

Right now there are jobs out there that I really want, but I apply in total despair because how can I compete when probably someone is going to apply to the same job with 10 years experience? And it's not how I'm applying. I've read all the goddamn advice out there on how to make a resume and how to write a cover letter. I pour so much energy into applying for jobs I want and I'm rewarded with constant radio silence. And no, I can't call them up and talk to a manager. People fucking hate when you do that now and they will not hire you, even if you can find a number to call.

Things have no gotten better and I have zero confidence that they ever will again. Where do I see myself in 10 years? Probably living in a homeless encampment or shack made of discarded sheet metal because the Trump recession utterly destroyed the economy and there's no work and then I die of heat stroke from global warming. Please just give me a job so I can afford to buy the occasional video game to distract myself from the coming collapse of the U.S.

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