Wednesday, July 26, 2017



If you're awake, you probably heard that Lord Dampnut announced (on Twitter) that the ban on trans people in the military is back in place. No reason. No debate. Only some vague reference to that ancient bullshit excuse of "disruption" and something about medical costs?

First of all, there is no "victory" in our military. It's all about perpetual warfare feeding the military industrial complex and arms trade. Second, trans soldiers have never disrupted this. Third, military generals were the ones pushing to remove the ban in the first place. Fourth, tremendous medical costs? If they're talking about the cost to transition, this is not a burden compared to the fucking trillions of dollars spent on ridiculous weapons like the F-35 bomber which costs $400 billion a pop.

You know what the average cost of transition is? $25,000. I don't even know if the military health insurance or whatever is required to cover this. Chelsea Manning was eventually given her hormones so she wouldn't kill herself in prison but otherwise, as usual, what Dampnut is saying makes no sense.

Did he see that FRCAction ad on Twitter and actually believed that transition costs as much as a single F-35? Is this just retaliation or punishment for Chelsea Manning? Is this an actual attempt at distraction? Or just trying to make his horrible transphobic base happy after repeatedly failing at getting anything done with healthcare? Why do this? Why give a giant middle finger to millions of Americans?

Nobody better tell me that Trump is a friend to the LGBT+ community because he clearly hates the T part of it, or at least is perfectly wiling to fuck them over for no reason.

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