Wednesday, July 5, 2017

White People Very Upset By Joke

As per usual, the types of people who call every racist joke, every gay joke, every sexist joke, every rape joke, etc. "just a joke" and an example of the great untouchable "free speech" became very offended when a black comedian made a joke at the expense of white people.

Damon Wayans Jr.’s July 4th joke sparks Twitter outrage

My fellow white people were so offended at this joke that they tweeted at Damon en masse about how seriously they took it. Here's a sampling:

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I like how the first person's Twitter name is a racist joke but a joke against white people means Damon hates this country and his fans. Others apparently decided that they have the authority to determine what is and isn't a joke and call it unfunny. But when I say rape jokes aren't funny or that racist jokes aren't really jokes and are a peek into the person's true feelings, I'm a warrior crusading against freedom of speech.

America: Land of the Hypocrites, Home of White Tears.

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