Wednesday, July 26, 2017

White Nationalists in Europe Disrupting Refugee Rescue

This has got to be one of the most repulsive, nauseating things I've ever heard about happening in today's world. European white nationalists crowdfunded a boat that they're using to disrupt rescue operations to save boats completely full of refugees from countries torn apart by wars created and perpetuated by us white people. Literally, boats overcrowded with desperate people fleeing for their lives, in danger of drowning, being rescued, and these absolute pieces of shit go out and try to stop the rescue.

Defend Europe boat tries to block migrant rescues

Defend Europe, the group behind the journey which began Sunday, said on its fundraising page that its members would set sail in a 422-tonne vessel with a 25-member crew after receiving more than $115,000 in donations in recent weeks. 
The crew is expected to arrive in Catania, Italy, on Monday to await the arrival of the boat they will use on their mission, organisers said.

And it took them only a month to raise all that money. From European racists. All to "protect" themselves or what they see as "their" continent from people just trying to not die.

Like, do these people have any awareness at all? Do they just push the fact that if the refugees can't find somewhere to go, they'll die? That if they didn't drop everything they ever knew and loved and run, they would have died? That they risked their lives on the open sea, risked a horrible death by drowning, just for a chance to live, because staying in their homes would have meant certain death? And that by telling them to "go home," they're telling them to go die?

To these people, some bullshit notion of white identity is more important than lives. It's better that refugees should die that there be more brown people in Europe than white people. They made an entire organization about telling the most downtrodden, desperate, vulnerable people in the world to fuck off and die. Because:

"We are losing our safety and our way of life and there is a danger that we Europeans will become a minority in our own European homelands."

You know what, "Defend Europe"? Fuck off and die. The world would be better off without horrible, soulless racists like you.

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