Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Transphobes Don't Speak for Me

A bathroom-bill pushing transphobe who hates trans kids so much she would deny them an education or any access to an actual life has been appointed "senior adviser for women's empowerment" in Dampnut's White House. 

Bethany Kozma's title is senior adviser for women's empowerment, according to an agency spokesperson. Kozma did not return a message seeking comment for this story. 
Kozma held positions in the White House and Department of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush, according to her LinkedIn profile, before dedicating herself full-time to raising her children. In 2016, she launched a campaign to oppose the Obama administration's guidance to public schools that said transgender students have the right to use facilities matching their gender identity; the guidance was withdrawn by the Trump administration in February.

I'd rather have a man be the senior adviser for women's empowerment than this transphobe. She only speaks for cis women and would betray little trans girls, using us cis women as an excuse for her incredibly hateful agenda.

I do not need protection from trans women and girls. Trans women and girls need protection from Bethany Kozma. I will never accept this woman as an adviser for my empowerment. She doesn't care about me, she only cares about taking life away from trans people.

She's supported by people like Austin Ruse, a man who hates all LGBT+ people, and says shit like this:

"The LGBTs are ruthless street fighters," Ruse said, citing efforts to discredit his organization as a "hate group" after it was included in a delegation to the UN's Commission on the Status of Women. "This administration is no slam dunk for people like me or Bethany Kozma. The Trump administration is filled with squishes on this issue." 
"Bethany Kozma is a lovely, sweet woman who just happens to believe that girls with penises just ought not to be showering next to girls without penises," he added.

First of all, "the LGBTs"? I've never met someone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans all at once, but I imagine they would be a force to be reckoned with, damn.

Second, what the fuck are squishes? I've only heard this term used by ace people to describe platonic crushes.

And lastly, if Ruse can recognize that you can be a girl and have a penis, what is the problem? Does he think the penis itself has some weird corrupting power? If that's the case, are pants and underwear enough to contain this?

Transphobes are fucking weird, but also dangerous, and they are the ones who should be excluded from society.

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