Thursday, July 27, 2017

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I'm just gonna repeat topics from yesterday, deal with it.

To the cis person angrily sharing news of the Trump transgender military ban

It's not enough to just be outraged and share crap on social media. This doesn't mean you need to get in the streets and march, because not everyone can do that. But respecting trans people costs nothing. Another thing I did yesterday that got me into a fight was to leave a polite comment on a progressive news site article about the military trans ban asking them to use the phrase "trans people" or "transgender individuals" or something similar instead of "transgenders." Of course, a couple people thought this was very unreasonable of me to ask a publication they don't work for.

This is just an example of little things you can do.

And if you're going to share, share from trans people.

And another piece I think is important, especially if you're cis and tempted to talk about how the military is bad.

The Military Sucks But Trans People Should Still Be Allowed to Serve

This article outlines every possible argument in favor of the trans ban and kills each with skill, and also explains why the fact that the military sucks doesn't make this okay.

I understand the knee-jerk reaction to hate the military, but for many people there is no other option. I don’t think serving in the military automatically makes you a patriot or an American hero, and I’m not asking you to unconditionally support the military, but you should support trans people who have ended up there one way or another. The fact that they are trans should not make them ineligible for the military. 
It’s okay to oppose the US military and support trans people’s rights to serve in it. We can look at issues from multiple angles and understand that everything isn’t so cut and dry. 
But this isn’t even about the military, really. It’s about trans people. It’s about planting a seed. It’s about convincing Americans that trans people are lesser-than. They can’t do the kinds of jobs that cisgender people do. They require such outlandish health care that they can’t be tolerated in a certain field. They don’t belong here. They’re a burden. They’re a disruption.

I hate the military industrial complex but barring trans people from it is deadly. We can fight to end the military and make them include trans people at the same time.

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