Monday, July 31, 2017

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Happy Black Women's Equal Pay Day!

That's right. It takes until July 31st for black women to make as much as white men did last year. It's in April for white women. Latina women are still waiting for their day.

Serena Williams, greatest sports start in the world, spoke on this day for Fortune.

Today is Black Women's Equal Pay Day. This day shines a light on the long-neglected fact that the gender pay gap hits women of color the hardest. Black women are 37 cents behind men in the pay gap—in other words, for every dollar a man makes, black women make 63 cents. 
I’d like to acknowledge the many realities black women face every day. To recognize that women of color have to work—on average—eight months longer to earn the same as their male counterparts do in one year. To bring attention to the fact that black women earn 17% less than their white female counterparts and that black women are paid 63% of the dollar men are paid. Even black women who have earned graduate degrees get paid less at every level. This is as true in inner cities as it is in Silicon Valley. 
Together, we will change the story—but we are going to have to fight for every penny.

Please go read the whole thing. The only thing I have to add is that we white women need to fight hard for black women's equal pay as well, not just our own. If that means busting down the doors of the ultra-rich white dudes and physically taking their shit then all the better, but we need to be the ones doing that since we're so much less likely to be murdered by the police for it.

Fuck You Then, Democrats

According to an interview just published by The Hill, the Democrat Party will not withhold funds from its candidates that run on an anti-abortion platform.

Dem campaign chief vows no litmus test on abortion

“There is not a litmus test for Democratic candidates,” said Luján, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman. “As we look at candidates across the country, you need to make sure you have candidates that fit the district, that can win in these districts across America.”

As Democrats shift to the right in an attempt to appeal to even further right-wing voters, they're not only letting Republicans control them like the spineless, worthless losers they are, they're making a choice and sending a message. They know young people are moving to the left and they're choosing to go "nah fuck you guys we're gonna cater to these assholes over here who think bodily autonomy only belongs to unborn fetuses and people we assume are men."

They could shift left and do just as well, maybe even better. But they decided to go the other way. Probably because that way leads to more money and power. So fuck them. We need a new, actual leftist political party or we need full scale revolution to drag all these fuckers to the ground.

Something Nice

Okay starting off the week with something that almost made me cry in a good way for once.

This video from Cartoon Network of some concert put on by Estelle, the voice of Garnet from Steven Universe, that I MISSED because I don't like anywhere near SDCC. But the video is just so heartwarming, with all kinds of black women dressed up as Garnet and young women/girls dressed up as Ruby and Sapphire making hearts with their hands together, dancing and celebrating perhaps the best lesbian relationship on all of TV though I haven't watched everything but at least you know they have a very small chance of being broken up by one of them fucking dying.

And maybe the best part of it is the little boys in there, dancing away with everyone else, being totally fab in their Steven shirts and shirts that say "I am made of love" and oh my god.

Here it is:

Friday, July 28, 2017

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I finally watched Moana recently and I haven't cried so hard in a long time.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

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I'm just gonna repeat topics from yesterday, deal with it.

To the cis person angrily sharing news of the Trump transgender military ban

It's not enough to just be outraged and share crap on social media. This doesn't mean you need to get in the streets and march, because not everyone can do that. But respecting trans people costs nothing. Another thing I did yesterday that got me into a fight was to leave a polite comment on a progressive news site article about the military trans ban asking them to use the phrase "trans people" or "transgender individuals" or something similar instead of "transgenders." Of course, a couple people thought this was very unreasonable of me to ask a publication they don't work for.

This is just an example of little things you can do.

And if you're going to share, share from trans people.

And another piece I think is important, especially if you're cis and tempted to talk about how the military is bad.

The Military Sucks But Trans People Should Still Be Allowed to Serve

This article outlines every possible argument in favor of the trans ban and kills each with skill, and also explains why the fact that the military sucks doesn't make this okay.

I understand the knee-jerk reaction to hate the military, but for many people there is no other option. I don’t think serving in the military automatically makes you a patriot or an American hero, and I’m not asking you to unconditionally support the military, but you should support trans people who have ended up there one way or another. The fact that they are trans should not make them ineligible for the military. 
It’s okay to oppose the US military and support trans people’s rights to serve in it. We can look at issues from multiple angles and understand that everything isn’t so cut and dry. 
But this isn’t even about the military, really. It’s about trans people. It’s about planting a seed. It’s about convincing Americans that trans people are lesser-than. They can’t do the kinds of jobs that cisgender people do. They require such outlandish health care that they can’t be tolerated in a certain field. They don’t belong here. They’re a burden. They’re a disruption.

I hate the military industrial complex but barring trans people from it is deadly. We can fight to end the military and make them include trans people at the same time.

You Know What's Funny


So last night (and this is not the funny part) I slipped up and go into an intense and unproductive Facebook fight with multiple white nationalists because I left a negative review on that horrific "Defend Europe" organization's Facebook page explaining that I don't think they should send a boat to disrupt a rescue operation of a boatload of refugees in one of those boats like the ones that have capsized and resulted in dozens of people dead from drowning.

Surprise surprise, white nationalists have a different opinion. They also think that "European" children (read: white kids) are more important than Syrian or Libyan kids, and there is some kind of invisible crisis of refugees murdering and raping everyone, and the real problem that Defend Europe is fighting against is "economic migrants" who come and get food and houses and jobs and women for free and are apparently willing to risk drowning to get it even though they're not about to die in their home countries. Or Defend Europe is only trying to stop the boats full of refugees from launching in the first place, so they can go ahead and die on land from starvation or being blown apart by American bombs, and also disregard the whole crowdfunded boat used to disrupt actual in progress rescue operations of boats full of refugees who have already arrived.

Something like that. Also I should move to Africa. All of it? At the same time? I dunno.

Anyway it was a mistake to even leave the review. Why do they even have a review feature on their Facebook page, they're not a business? So a load of bad reviews or negative press isn't going to change their minds because they're not motivated by money, they're just racists, and they're not interested in my appeals to their humanity, because they have none.

Here is what is funny, and by "funny," I mean "the only thing keeping me from pure hatred of all humanity and becoming a super villain bent on the destruction of the human race." In a few decades, after all the ice melts, huge chunks of Europe will end up under water, and there will be millions of climate refugees from these countries, and when they're begging to get into the U.S. and get told to fuck off and drown, if I'm still alive, I'll think of these white nationalists and laugh.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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White Nationalists in Europe Disrupting Refugee Rescue

This has got to be one of the most repulsive, nauseating things I've ever heard about happening in today's world. European white nationalists crowdfunded a boat that they're using to disrupt rescue operations to save boats completely full of refugees from countries torn apart by wars created and perpetuated by us white people. Literally, boats overcrowded with desperate people fleeing for their lives, in danger of drowning, being rescued, and these absolute pieces of shit go out and try to stop the rescue.

Defend Europe boat tries to block migrant rescues

Defend Europe, the group behind the journey which began Sunday, said on its fundraising page that its members would set sail in a 422-tonne vessel with a 25-member crew after receiving more than $115,000 in donations in recent weeks. 
The crew is expected to arrive in Catania, Italy, on Monday to await the arrival of the boat they will use on their mission, organisers said.

And it took them only a month to raise all that money. From European racists. All to "protect" themselves or what they see as "their" continent from people just trying to not die.

Like, do these people have any awareness at all? Do they just push the fact that if the refugees can't find somewhere to go, they'll die? That if they didn't drop everything they ever knew and loved and run, they would have died? That they risked their lives on the open sea, risked a horrible death by drowning, just for a chance to live, because staying in their homes would have meant certain death? And that by telling them to "go home," they're telling them to go die?

To these people, some bullshit notion of white identity is more important than lives. It's better that refugees should die that there be more brown people in Europe than white people. They made an entire organization about telling the most downtrodden, desperate, vulnerable people in the world to fuck off and die. Because:

"We are losing our safety and our way of life and there is a danger that we Europeans will become a minority in our own European homelands."

You know what, "Defend Europe"? Fuck off and die. The world would be better off without horrible, soulless racists like you.



If you're awake, you probably heard that Lord Dampnut announced (on Twitter) that the ban on trans people in the military is back in place. No reason. No debate. Only some vague reference to that ancient bullshit excuse of "disruption" and something about medical costs?

First of all, there is no "victory" in our military. It's all about perpetual warfare feeding the military industrial complex and arms trade. Second, trans soldiers have never disrupted this. Third, military generals were the ones pushing to remove the ban in the first place. Fourth, tremendous medical costs? If they're talking about the cost to transition, this is not a burden compared to the fucking trillions of dollars spent on ridiculous weapons like the F-35 bomber which costs $400 billion a pop.

You know what the average cost of transition is? $25,000. I don't even know if the military health insurance or whatever is required to cover this. Chelsea Manning was eventually given her hormones so she wouldn't kill herself in prison but otherwise, as usual, what Dampnut is saying makes no sense.

Did he see that FRCAction ad on Twitter and actually believed that transition costs as much as a single F-35? Is this just retaliation or punishment for Chelsea Manning? Is this an actual attempt at distraction? Or just trying to make his horrible transphobic base happy after repeatedly failing at getting anything done with healthcare? Why do this? Why give a giant middle finger to millions of Americans?

Nobody better tell me that Trump is a friend to the LGBT+ community because he clearly hates the T part of it, or at least is perfectly wiling to fuck them over for no reason.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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I loved this game so much aaaaand now I want to play it.

Fuck You, John McCain

"But he's dying" so what if someone was trying to stab me and I was like "fuck you don't stab me" and he had a brain tumor would you be like "don't be so mean to him he's dying."

Evil is evil. He got on a plane against his doctor's advice and flew all the way back to D.C. after brain surgery just to vote to move forward on taking away health insurance for tens of millions of people, many of which desperately need it and will die if it's taken away. And that's all they're going to do now. They're just going to vote to repeal, which is even worse than replacing it with something shitty. And no, it's not going to be fine because they're going to pretend to delay the repeal and effectively light a two-year fuse leading to a pile of dynamite stored under the country. The healthcare marketplace will completely collapse if the repeal goes through because health insurance companies will make a mass exodus tomorrow. They won't wait two years. They don't give a flying fuck if that means people die.

So fuck you, John McCain, why the fuck do you hate poor sick people so much? You evil fuck, I wish you had died during surgery.

This Fucking Tweet

Don't worry it's not a Lord Dampnut tweet. Is there an actual Lord Dampnut Twitter account though? After a quick search, it appears that there are several, but not one that pretends to be from a cartoon villain modeled after Donald Trump. Someone please get on that.

Anyway, the Senate just voted to a tie (broken by Mike Pence) to move forward in the process of repealing Obamacare and leaving us with fuck all. They managed this by carting in John McCain after he found out that he's probably gonna die soon. One person (well probably more but this is the tweet I found) came to a conclusion that I had not reached yet and might never have, because it's so crushingly brilliant.


For real, though. He has nothing to lose. He just wants to fuck over poor people. Or somehow thinks this will actually be a good thing! We may never know. But we can be certain that John McCain is better off dead.

You Know the Economy Never Recovered

This is on my mind right now because my contract for yet another contact position with no benefits at all is coming to an end and so I'm applying for jobs. The despair and frustration and hair-pulling, wanting to lean my head back and just scream in the middle of the office (which is where I'm writing this right now, fuck you, you get what you pay for), of finding of job I might actually want in the year 2017 is only matched by the head-slamming-into-my-desk bafflement mixed with anger at the fact that so many people are unaware of the fact that since the """"great recession,"""" shit has not actually gotten better. I mean, unemployment rates have gone down, but that doesn't mean things are """"better.""""

They're just different. And the New Normal.

It's still difficult to get a job. Any job. But we're all resigned to the fact that most of the applications we sent in online will never even be looked at, or will be glanced over and immediately discarded - all the time we put into them, wasted. We're resigned to the fact that for any job, especially decent ones, there will likely be hundreds of other applicants, and the chances of even getting an interview are slim to none. We're resigned to the fact that the best we can probably hope for is underpaid, under-appreciated service jobs that will slowly damage our bodies and crush our souls, and we'll still have no job security and only shit benefits after working there for at least six months. Or, if we're lucky, contract jobs that pay decently but come with absolutely no job security and no benefits. No paid time off, no health insurance, nothing.

There are more job openings in some places than there used to be. But they're all contract, part time, shit positions that demand experience for entry level work and full loyalty and flexibility from employees who need to work multiple jobs to survive.

And what about the other factors that come into trying to live? Cost of living continues to rise. The price of houses and rent continue to rise, and where I live it's really bad. The only new apartments being built are luxury apartments designed for the lucky tech dudes working at Microsoft and Amazon, pouring their lives and souls into these corporations so they can live in a two-bedroom apartment in Bellevue.

Right now there are jobs out there that I really want, but I apply in total despair because how can I compete when probably someone is going to apply to the same job with 10 years experience? And it's not how I'm applying. I've read all the goddamn advice out there on how to make a resume and how to write a cover letter. I pour so much energy into applying for jobs I want and I'm rewarded with constant radio silence. And no, I can't call them up and talk to a manager. People fucking hate when you do that now and they will not hire you, even if you can find a number to call.

Things have no gotten better and I have zero confidence that they ever will again. Where do I see myself in 10 years? Probably living in a homeless encampment or shack made of discarded sheet metal because the Trump recession utterly destroyed the economy and there's no work and then I die of heat stroke from global warming. Please just give me a job so I can afford to buy the occasional video game to distract myself from the coming collapse of the U.S.

Monday, July 24, 2017

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I couldn't not main Sombra.

Morning Announcements

As usual, morning announcements means I have something to do today that's going to make it impossible to blog (and I didn't feel like doing it last night). I'll be back tomorrow. I will, however, leave you with one thing.

Universal health care would save $17 trillion

There is literally no reason not to implement universal healthcare except to make sure poor people die okay byeeeeeeee!!!

Friday, July 21, 2017

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It still counts as a cat gif.

Transphobes Have Really Good Idea for Once

When I first saw this ad, I thought the intent was much different from what the actual intent turned out to be.

You can probably guess which one I assumed was supposed to be the bad one.

FRCAction is the "legislative affiliate of Family Research Council," the anti-LGBTQ+ hate group according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. These are the people largely responsible for the horrific persecution of gay individuals in Uganda.

But now this tweet is being spread around progressive circles and may have the exact opposite effect that was intended, because a whole lot of us would much rather the military spend money on helping veterans become their true selves than building more death machines. So nice of them to include the number. If you're in New York especially, consider giving Representative Tom Reed a call and tell him how you want the military's bloated budget to be spent.

What Are We Doing to Our Children?


A horrifying story has emerged from Florida about a black man drowning to death while five teen boys filmed it, laughed, and taunted him as he struggled. Jamel Dunn was only 32.

In the more than two-minute long video, the five teen boys -- who are between the ages of 14 and 16 -- can be heard laughing as the man struggles to stay afloat, police say, in a pond near his family's Cocoa, Florida, home. 
Instead of calling for help, the teens recorded the incident on a cell phone, chuckling during the victim's final moments. 
The teens can be heard warning the man that he was "going to die" and they were not going to help him. At one point, one of the teen boys can be heard laughing, saying "he dead."

The teens will not be charged with a crime due to the fact that in Florida, it is not a criminal offense to deliberately fail to help someone in danger. But I don't think these kids should be sent to jail. That is not going to make anything better. I understand the family wanting justice and I'm not going to tell them how to feel. But this post is about how the fuck these kids grew up to become this.

What is wrong with our society that a group of children could watch a man dying and feel nothing? Officers reported that one of the teens showed absolutely no remorse while being interviewed.

The articles do not mention the race of the teens (or any other details except their age range because they're underage). This does matter. Were they white kids who didn't see any humanity in a black man? Were they black kids so desensitized to the horrible violence against and deaths of black men that they felt nothing watching another die because he couldn't breathe?

These five teens are a horrifying symptom of a profoundly sick society and, to me, another indication that it's getting worse. These kids will grow up to be heartless adults, maybe politicians, maybe cops. By failing our children generation after generation, we perpetuate a culture of violence that kills the humanity inside each child. And mass incarceration only makes this worse. A lot worse. We need real intervention for kids in this country.

Oakland Dumps ICE, Sets Example for Us All

I didn't even know that this kind of thing could be done.

Oakland rescinds agreement with federal immigration officials

States rights motherfuckers.

The Oakland Police Department can no longer designate its investigators as U.S. customs enforcement officers — a classification that allows local police agencies to work with federal immigration officials on cases of human trafficking, narcotics smuggling and other cross-border crimes. 
Citing concerns over data sharing and heightened fear of deportations, the Oakland City Council on Tuesday unanimously rescinded an agreement with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement signed last summer by former Police Chief Sean Whent, hours before he resigned amid questions over his handling of a sexual misconduct scandal.

Seattle and all decent cities need to do this immediately. ICE is an organization of storm troopers dragging people off to concentration camps before sending them to places where they're likely to be murdered or just left with nothing and no one, apart from their families who now have to survive without them. It's the most inhumane, evil, dystopian present thing ever and people treat it like it's nothing or even a good thing.

Apparently Oakland cops hadn't been participating in ICE anyway, but I think this sends and important message. Anyone with half a heart should refuse to cooperate in any way with ICE. They send people off to die for the crime of trying to escape extreme poverty and violence that probably would have killed them and/or their children, or they round up people who were taken into the country 30 years ago when they were children and deport them to countries where they have no family and no support. Imagine being scooped up and sent to a country where you don't know anybody, don't speak the language, don't have a job or a place to live. For something your parents did when you were five in order to ensure you weren't murdered by violent gangs.

It's amazing to me how many people are actively refusing to use their sense of empathy (even though the vast majority of people have it to some extent) when it comes to undocumented immigrants. You wouldn't have fled to the U.S. to save the lives of your children? Fuck the law, these people were utterly desperate and followed the only halfway decent, logical path available to them. Deporting them is utterly evil.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

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What To Do About "Callout Culture"


There have been complaints here and there about "callout culture" in social justice communities, such as they are, that I've seen pop up at least since I joined Tumblr over five years ago. I read an article last night about the problem of calling out and, in particular, exiling trans women who mess up in their language or actions due to the fact that social circles are often life-saving for trans women who don't have the privilege to have as much access to the resources that teach the rest of us the appropriate language, which changes over time.

This was written by a trans woman of color and fuck me if I can find it again, I thought it was an Everyday Feminism post but it was either removed or I was completely wrong. Either way, it made some really good points and people in social justice, leftist, and progressive communities need to take notice. There's no doubt that some toxic shit has gone down in these communities, including harassing young people to the point of attempting suicide, the rapid spread of false information meant to ruin someone's reputation, and widespread intolerance of small mistakes.

Now, I'm not about to advocate letting people say whatever and not calling them out so that they continue to cause harm unchecked. The problem with a lot of complaints about so-called "callout culture" is that often times they're made by people who have been called out for fucking up and nothing really bad happened to them aside from hurt egos. These individuals just don't want to be held accountable. They hold up extreme examples of harassment and exile from social circles even though this hasn't happened to them.

I also think that some people do deserve to be rejected and exiled as some people are simply toxic and unwilling to change. The problem here is that there is no black-and-white set of rules for dealing with situations where people fuck up. It can be difficult to tell whether someone was simply ignorant or chose to use harmful language and got caught. And there's the fact that nearly all of us have some level of privilege, and in such a fucked up world, we all carry subconscious prejudices that can never be completely shaken. There's also internalized bigotry, such as internalized misogyny, that none of us are immune to.

There is no set number of times someone can fuck up or hurt people they have privilege over (or even those within their own marginalized community) that we can use to say "okay that's so many strikes, you're now officially Problematic." Different things are hurtful to different people. Some people may not have as much access to the latest information. There are so many things to become educated on that young people and people new to the movement are inevitably going to say something harmful. The only certain line is the point at which an individual person doesn't trust you anymore.

So what do we do? It doesn't have to be all-or-nothing and it definitely shouldn't be. It's a shaky gray area and we have to evaluate each case individually. There are some guidelines that I follow that I think can be helpful for many people when navigating social justice-related spaces.

First, I don't publicly call out or argue with people who are under age. Age 18 is kind of an arbitrary hard line, so I also take age into consideration if I am going to do one or both of these things. I combine this with the individual's privilege. An 18-year-old cishet white man? I expect he has the resources to know better and the social support to survive me telling him to fuck off. An 18-year-old queer white woman? I'm going to be much gentler, and depending on the severity of the offense, am likely to approach them privately.

If I have privilege over the person, as in they are trans, disabled, a person of color, etc., I am going to proceed with caution and understanding at any age if it's an issue of binary gender, queerness, or mental illness. If it's something about race, transness, disability, or anything else I don't have direct experience in, I keep shit to myself. There are times when the best action is no action. Stay out of it.

If it's about one of these issues and the person fucking up has the same privilege as I do on the topic, it's ally work time. I take the factors mentioned and others into consideration into my approach, but if it's on a public forum like Facebook or Tumblr and especially if the person is young or new to social justice, I think the best thing to do is contact them privately and attempt to coach them.

This is better than arguing with them publicly both for the person who fucked up and for those watching. Seeing those kinds of arguments can be traumatizing for marginalized persons affected by the subject, and the act of, for example, a white person arguing publicly with another white person about race can be performative - meaning you're doing it to make yourself look good to people. I doubt anyone has never been guilty of this.

These two negatives are not, in my opinion, made up for by the fact that other white people reading through the argument might be educated by what you're saying.

What it comes down to is that those of us with privilege need to put more effort into collecting our own and preventing situations that could get someone harassed or exiled. In my experience, quick and genuine apology explaining what you've learned is all that's needed to be forgiven by most. The problem is that everyone gets a defensive reaction to being "called out," and the vast majority of people do not know how to deal with this within themselves. That's when they start making excuses or arguing, digging themselves into deeper holes. If they can be collected and gently educated by their privilege peers, a lot of harm can be mitigated.

I can't promise results from attempts to gently educate. I've had many people refuse to listen to me and continue digging their own grave. Those people probably deserve exile until they can get their shit together.

Those of us with a lot of privilege also need to be very vigilant about being performative. Are you spreading a callout post without doing some digging to make sure it's legitimate? Are you piling on to a mass callout of someone you have privilege over? Are you trying to call out someone you have privilege over on the subject in which you have privilege? That last one especially, DO NOT. Even if you're sure that you're right. Just don't. If they are being harmful, someone within their community will call them out. If no one does, you were probably wrong.

Always be reflecting on yourself. Are you doing what you're doing for yourself or for others? Are you sliding into the trap of acting with the goal of gaining more followers or getting more fame? These are tough questions, and you're going to be uncertain a lot of the time. But the best thing you can do is keep questioning yourself.

Amazing Girls of Color

Been too long since I've done one of these. Things have been a little on the negative side lately. But once again, it's the girls and women of color who are taking a stand.

Teen Girls Stage Incredible Quinceañera Protest at Texas Capitol Against Vile Anti-Immigrant Law

On Wednesday, a group of 15 teenage girls, dressed in brightly colored gowns, stood in front of the Texas State Capitol to participate in one of Latin American culture’s most cherished traditions: the quinceañera. 
But this quinceañera was more than simply a coming-of-age celebration. Instead, it was a public protest against one of the most viciously anti-immigrant pieces of legislation in Texas’ recent history: SB4, the so-called “sanctuary cities bill.”


Again, I have to marvel at how amazing teens are today. I was a worthless little shit at age 15. Of course, I'm white, so I didn't have much to protest at a time when I really only cared about myself.

These girls, on the other hand...

SB4—which essentially forces Texas cities to comply with federal immigration law enforcement actions—has been one of the state’s most hotly contested pieces of legislation all year, drawing comparisons to Arizona’s infamous “papers please” law, and prompting massive protests.

Any anti-immigrant law is hurting this country immensely by keeping out or keeping under the rug amazing individuals like these girls. Let everyone in. Especially since it's our government making countries in places like Latin America unlivable in the first place.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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Recommended Reading


If there was ever anything that I can't stress enough, it's that words are powerful. And I say this as someone who got swept up in the "words are just words" bullshit that has ended in bizarre parodies of nazism that is basically indistinguishable from actual nazism, probably because they're actually nazis hiding behind the principle of Schrodinger's Douchebag.

Anyway, it's time yet again for me to share a piece by the incredible Ijeoma Oluo, who wrote on the power of words after an extremely unfortunate article was published by The Stranger on people who have de-transitioned. The article was written by a cis woman and was widely criticized for quoting extremely transphobic "scientists" and giving fuel to transphobes just days before the deadline for the transphobic group "Just Want Privacy" to turn in their signatures to get a horrific bathroom bill on the ballot in Washington State. Also, The Stranger is no stranger to transphobia, having built its legacy on the foundation of Dan Savage, a transphobic, biphobic, lesbophobic, aphobic, misogynistic white cis gay man.

Ijeoma spoke out against this article in solidarity with trans people, and the whole thing kinda blew up, concluding in the original author of the de-transition piece writing an ill-advised response to the responses piece that put the last nail in her coffin as far as I'm concerned. What Not To Do If You're Called Out 101 here.

The point is, words are incredibly powerful. Words are everything. They're how we think, primarily. They form every opinion that forms the foundation of every action we take. I can't stress this enough. And neither can Ijeoma.

When Your Words Are Weapons

There is no way to be an impartial writer and a responsible writer at the same time. Absolutely nothing we do is without bias. From the moment we decide what subjects to cover over others, we are showing bias. If you say you are unbiased, you are lying, and that’s not a very good start down the road of journalistic integrity. Therefore, with every choice we make, we have responsibility to be fully aware of the choices we are making and the impact that those choices may have on the community at large — especially when our work may impact marginalized communities with limited ability to mitigate the damage that our work may cause. 
When you decide to write about marginalized communities you are responsible for what you know, what you don’t know, what you say, what you don’t say, and most importantly — how your words will be used to help or harm. Sometimes a writer will do as much due diligence as possible and still will fuck up and wind up providing the perfect weapon to those who wish to do harm. Even then, the writer should be held accountable for their part in that. We are never blameless for the words we write.

I'm very careful with the language I use on this blog. Everything I regret most in life involves a careless use of words. Because though sticks and stones can break bones, words can leave deep psychological scars that never really heal and can incite entire mobs of people with sticks and stones to attack someone to the point of their death so.

As a writer, if you try to convince me that words can't harm, I will lose all respect for you immediately.

Explicitly Trans-Exclusionary Law Introduced in the House

While Republicans fail over and over on health care, they're also actively trying to write trans people out of civil rights legislation for NO REASON other than them being fucking transphobes and generally horrible people happy to leap from one bigotry to another as long as the public will tolerate it.

The act is very explicit about what it intends to do. It wants to forbid the federal government from interpreting any protections against gender discrimination as also applying to trans folks. It wants to retroactively redefine inclusive civil rights protections as being non-inclusive. 
The bill reads: “The purposes of this Act are— (1) to prevent the executive branch from unilaterally rewriting Federal civil rights laws by enacting or implementing any policy or undertaking any enforcement action that is based on construing the term ‘sex’ or ‘gender’ to mean ‘gender identity’; and (2) to ensure that gender identity is not treated as a protected class in Federal law or policy without the affirmative approval of the people’s representatives in Congress.”

I think it would actually be better to define trans issues separately from gender issues since they have their own unique problems that cis women like myself don't experience, but that is not the purpose of this bill. They just want to be able to create bathroom bills that keep trans people out of public life, including school. It's also yet another middle finger to former President Obama, because they never tire of that.

And of course, actually passing protections explicitly for trans people in the current Republican-controlled congress would be fucking impossible, but it would likely still be very difficult if it were entirely controlled by Democrats. So the language forbidding trans people from being covered under gender protections screws them over for years and sets them up to have to endure a long and dehumanizing fight just to get the basic recognition of "yeah people hate us so much we need the government to intervene."

It's also going to be very difficult to get enough people to care about this bill to call their representatives about it. This has a very real chance of passing. If you care at all about trans people, please call. Even if you think your representative is very liberal. There's still a lot of transphobia among Democrats.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Gif of the Day


Dear Repentant Trump Voters

Trump's approval rating is at a record low - lower than even Gerald Ford's at the six month mark. And yesterday, CNN sat down with a panel of individuals who voted for Trump, half of whom regret their vote. Stories keep coming out about these repentant Trump voters, regretfully saying that they had no idea that his words would turn into actions once he was given power.

Don't wallow in remorse, former Trump supporters. There is something you can do to help make up for your bad decision and at least minimize the harm his presidency can do not only to the nation, but the world.

In 2018, you'd best be voting Democrat. You'd best be voting out your Republican Senators and House members. Because the only way to stop the hell that you've unleashed is impeachment, and that can't happen without hella Democrats in congress. You held your nose to vote for Trump? Hold it again. I don't care if the opposing candidate is a straight up socialist (though I hope they are honestly lol). You made this happen, now you fix it. Or be prepared to kiss your healthcare goodbye and be plunged into another horrible recession, at least.

And if you don't, then you're not really sorry. Stop pretending you were a good person who just got tricked into voting for a man who is doing everything he has always done - worked to hoard as much power and money for himself as he can. If the House and Senate isn't flipped next year, you can all take your fake regret and shove it up your collective asses.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Gif of the Day


It's Time for WoC Protagonists

Great. We have all these fantasy and sci-fi and super hero movies and TV shows starring women now. But way too many of them are white woman. Yes, Wonder Woman brought a tear to my eye on the big screen but it's already past time for the next step, since we apparently have to take this in steps.

Black women super heroes. Latina-led Star Wars movies. Indigenous Dr. Who lady. Star Trek's already on it, everybody else needs to catch up. Right now, let's go.

And the rest of us, I mean us white ladies, we need to be demanding it. Go onto your social media of choice and bug everybody responsible for media until it happens. Go on!

So Your Species is Doomed

I got a great start to my vacation last week by reading an article that officially convinced me that humanity is not going to make it.

The Uninhabitable Earth

This basically lays out the seven horsemen of the climate apocalypse. All the ways in which climate change will kill us. It bases this on information gathered from standard, serious climate scientists. It also points out that scientists are generally optimistic and don't exaggerate. It also states that we are at the beginning of a mass extinction event, because this is now plain fact.

Honestly, I don't really care if the human species dies out. I know we all have the instinct to keep our species going but logically, why? What does suck is that as the climate becomes inhabitable, so many people will suffer. And it's not that we did this to ourselves, because most of us didn't. It was the rich few and their greed that doomed us. And if 97% of all life on Earth is going to die, that better include them.

Before the end of the century, long before, things are going to be thrown into chaos. That guy who predicted the downfall of the Soviet Union is still predicting the fall of the U.S. from world leader status. I'm expecting another economy crash just about any day now. Just like I've felt for years now, things aren't going to get better. They're going to get harder and harder until we're all dead. Fun stuff.

I'm saying this not to plunge you into a pit of despair, though I might have. I'm saying this because I want people to prepare. This article made me realize that I need to rethink my future, my life, and my activism. I honestly feel like going to protests against Lord Dampnut is a pointless endeavor that drains far too much of my energy. From now on, it will probably only be BLM protests and any others largely organized by people of color, and pretty much just to put my white body between them and the police. Because it's probably too late to actually change anything.

I want to redirect my efforts from seeking long term change to minimizing suffering. We need to think about how we're going to feed and house people in the coming years. Depending on where you live, you may need to consider moving, or if that's not feasible, how you'll make sure you can get enough water to survive the coming droughts.

But first, give yourself some time to come to terms with the idea that the future is likely, at the very least, not what you thought it would be. It really sucks being a Millennial or younger, facing a world of broken promises where the future that was painted for us is already dead. It's a loss, and you need to grieve it. I know I am.

Hello World!

I'm back! And unfortunately, everything is still terrible.

Some things that happened last week:

A woman reporting for Fox News who is actually not blonde but is horrible called Seattle a "socialist hellhole" in a hilarious and factually inaccurate segment posted on Twitter.

If only, Kennedy.

Of course, Washington state has one of the most fucking-over-the-poors tax codes in the nation thanks to its lack of state income taxes. It's the only state where people pay no income taxes at any income levels, but a measly 2.5% tax on the rich in Seattle only is "socialism." Okay. It is likely to be struck down in court because of the state law, but if income tax is socialism, I have some bad news for Kennedy here.

I also love the language she uses. Those damn SOCIALISTS are PUNISHING THE POOR by PAYING THEM HIGHER WAGES HOW AWFUL. How could they FORCE workers to TAKE HOME MORE MONEY???? THE HORROR. And yeah, some workers have had their hours cut because the companies they work for have chosen to do so in order to deny them benefits. But that can't possibly be the fault of the company, oh no. Let's not consider making it illegal to cut hours to avoid giving employees benefits or mandate that all employees be given benefits regardless of hours, no, fuck that. Let's coerce those workers back to unlivable wages instead.

Also, someone made me this:


A fuckton of companies and individuals came out to defend Net Neutrality. We'll see if that made any difference at all.

It was revealed that Milo Youneedtostopoulos' book has only been bought by 152 individuals in the UK. Even in the United States of Hell, it sold less than 20,000 copies, which is pretty sad considering his fame. Being rejected by those Nazis really hurt you, huh Milo?

Republicans have made Trumpcare EVEN WORSE, YET AGAIN. No free birth control, only giving Medicaid money to ONE STATE (seriously this is real) in order to get the vote of a GOP holdout from said state (this is happening), you can be locked out of the healthcare marketplace for GETTING SICK, but not if you're part of congress :) :) :)

Also it was announced that the 13th doctor in Dr. Who will be a woman, and geek dudes flipped. Donald Trump Jr. is definitely guilty of treason at this point. And other things, but I need to get to doing some actual paying work to prepare for the end of the world so. Oh and I found a video of this big baby:

EGG *fart noises*

Monday, July 10, 2017

Gif of the Day

They sure are.

Morning Announcements

I'm taking the week off from any and all work to try and recover from the constant shit parade that has been the last six months or so. I've pre-loaded gifs for you but you'll have to get your fill of sarcastic feminist ranting somewhere else. See you on the 17th!

Friday, July 7, 2017

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Cuttlefish are kind of amazing.



So. Um. Meanwhile, over on Sarah Palin's Twitter account:

1) Is this really happening and 2) is she trying to signal to neo-nazis that she's a neo-nazi or is her unpaid intern trying to secretly warn the rest of us that Lord Dampnut is a neo-nazi? I guess only time will tell lol.

Seriously. There's no explanation of what is supposed to be stunning to America, and multiple sentences quoted in the linked article have 14 words in them but none are particularly stunning. So.

Anti-Capitalists Fight Cops Under G20 Ivory Tower

The G20 summit is today. If you weren't aware, this is the annual meeting of the leaders of the 19 wealthiest nations in the world plus the European Union. They get together to discuss the world's problems and how they can exploit them to steal more resources for themselves how to fix them. And every year, there are protesters.

A lot of these protesters are there against "globalization," which makes me queasy because a lot of the time this is code for nationalism. But many of the protesters are simple anti-capitalists who hate seeing a bunch of the world's richest fuckers get together to discuss how they can carve out more for themselves. And this year the stark contrast between the 20 and the protesters couldn't be any starker.

A day of violent clashes between police and protesters culminated on Friday evening with the bizarre spectacle of the heads of the world’s 20 leading economies listening to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy at the top of a shiny high-rise building while police used water cannon, teargas and speed boats to keep at bay an angry crowd of thousands.

How many dystopian future stories came to your mind? It gets worse (or better depending on how you look at it):

Melania Trump, the wife of the US president, Donald Trump, was reportedly stopped from attending an event in the G20’s supporting programme by the protests. “Police have not given us security clearance to leave the guest house,” Trump’s spokesperson told the German press agency dpa. 
A planned visit for leaders’ partners to a climate research centre was scrapped and replaced with a presentation by climate scientists at a luxury hotel. “Thinking of those hurt in Hamburg protests. Hope everyone stay safe!” the US president’s wife tweeted later.

It's just so fitting.

I especially like that Melania, and I'm assuming Donald, had to face a vision of what could be in the U.S. We can actually disrupt your shit. That is, if enough people get over their fretting for windows and cars so we can show them some real riots.

Anyway, if you do a Google search you can get a lot more information about what's going on over in Germany right now. I've seen footage showing a ton of smoke in the area of the summit. You won't see much on U.S. news, I'm guessing. But this is happening.

On the Laci Green Fiasco

Laci Green's turn to the dark side, to be deliberately dramatic, happened a while ago now, back in May. Some people acted like it was some huge blow to the social justice community (whatever that is), particularly those who label themselves "anti-ess jay double yoos." Of course, feminists and social justice activists were understandably upset. Laci Green had been an advocate for victims of online harassment by anti-feminists, white supremacists, and other bigots for years. It is nothing short of betrayal for her to turn around and start parroting the language of these harassers, calling online abuse "dissent" and claiming that victims are "overstating harm."

I can't remember exactly when I first learned of Laci Green, but she really landed on my radar when the harassment of women in the gaming community started to ramp up, around 2012. She was a victim of harassment herself and was a leader in creating harassment-free communities and promoting anti-harassment tools. I never watched her YouTube videos, but I respected her for her work against the rise of online abusers.

In the years following, Green began to get some heat for her use of cissexist and sometimes outright transphobic language. She even used the t-slur in one of her videos, for which she received harsh criticism. She offered a weak apology and continued to use cissexist language despite attempts by many people, cis and trans, to educate her on why that language is harmful and how to change it.

Her response to criticism is what makes her switch to anti-feminism unsurprising to me. She did not take criticism well at all. In one incident, she responded to underage students approaching her with questions about language she used that made them uncomfortable and that they felt may have been misleading by getting upset, calling it harassment, saying it reflects badly on the entire school in a public tweet, and being utterly sarcastic in an "apology," saying "I’m truly sorry for using the actual name. I regret it given how monstrously it’s been construed."

This because there were concerns about her using the word "d*ke" in her talk, a word reserved for lesbian women, and saying some confusing things about trans men. She said they were "looking to start a fight" and interrogated her about her sexual orientation. The students say that she accused them of accusing her of being homophobic.

This is key. I cannot tell you how many times privileged people have reacted with intense horror and anger at the idea that I might be insinuating that they're racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or what have you. That privileged fragility and the hair trigger when it comes to the thought of being "accused" of being something so horrible as a bigot, because to them, homophobia means they must want all gay people dead, and racism means they go to weekly Klan meetings. They can't even grasp the idea of internalized or subconscious bigotry, partially because they have not done even the most basic work to educate themselves on issues that don't affect them because of their privilege.

Green is pansexual and identifies as genderqueer, but as a white, highly visible YouTube star who has made plenty of cash from her fame, she has a lot of privilege. But like many privileged people, she has been unable to acknowledge this privilege or how it gives her an advantage and a platform that she needs to treat responsibly.

And it goes beyond cissexism. She has demonstrated fat hatred, anti-semitism, racism, ableism, whorephobia, the list goes on. She has long been the epitome of the privileged and problematic feminist. I wrote her off years ago, lumping her in with Lena Dunham and the rest, and basically forgot about her while paying attention to much better feminists.

So when news came out about her talking about being "red-pilled" and dating a public, rabid anti-feminist YouTuber, my first thought was "which one is she again?" and I had to Google her. Then I was basically "oh right, so, not surprising." I'm still angry about it. It still disgusts me. But the reasons for it are pretty clear to me.

The right, with its white supremacy and anti-feminism and general bigotry, is seductive to the privileged. The right whispers "the people criticizing you and making you feel bad about yourself are the real problem. You're not doing anything wrong, they're just victimizing themselves for attention. You're the real victim here, and they're abusing you." Anti-feminists told her that she was right to be angry at the trans people criticizing her. White supremacists told her that freedom of speech meant she had every right to talk over people of color, and that people criticizing her for it were bad people who only wanted to hurt her for being white. The right told her that she was allowed to say whatever she wanted, and people who talked back were trying to silence her and were therefore the enemy. She was Right, and they were Wrong. She never had to feel bad or guilty for anything, or take the time and effort to educate herself, or fight against injustices that didn't affect her.

Sounds great, right? Meanwhile, feminists, anti-racist activist, trans people, and leftists are telling her that she needs to do work, she needs to acknowledge that many of her advantages are unearned, that her white privilege helped her gain her fame, that she needs to apologize for things and actually change. All of these things are hard. Just looking at yourself critically is hard. It's not fun. It's unpleasant. And it's all necessary to end the massive injustices that make our world so much shittier for some people than it is for others.

That's why this happens. She's not the first one to be seduced by the sweet promise of lack of responsibility and introspection offered by the right. Remember the guy I encountered after the March for Truth who said he was a socialist-turned-libertarian? Same thing. He had his feelings hurt by people afraid he might be a Nazi, and the right told him that it was the responsibility of those threatened by the current rise of neo-Nazism to risk their safety, and that it was no way on him to work to prove himself safe.

This has happened before and it will continue to happen as long as this seductive message is so tolerated in our society. As long as our school continue to fail to teach about how much harm marginalized communities endure and what the privileged have done to them over the centuries. As long as we fail to teach our children that people different from us matter, that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, and that everyone has a responsibility to help those who are suffering. Laci Green is no loss to the social justice community. We're better off now that she's revealed who she truly is rather than disrupting the movement by being shitty and hiding behind a feminist label. Laci Green is not an anomaly, she is an inevitability in our current social climate.

This is why personal work is so important. It needs to be paramount in the social justice activist's mind. Do not prioritize your personal fame and follower count over this, or you risk becoming the next Laci Green.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Gif of the Day

I've been playing a lot of Overwatch.

Not Sorry?

Since making this blog after finally settling on the name Not Sorry Feminism, I've heard it argued that women shouldn't have to learn how not to apologize. We're always the ones having to do all the work while men are never expected to change. Men should learn to apologize more (or at all). Men should soften themselves. Men should become more like women and society should stop expecting women to become more like men. We should be aiming for a world that is more apologetic, more considerate, more concerned about people's feelings.

Yes. I agree. I wish I had thought of that.

But also.... why not both?

Honestly, women apologize to the point of apologizing for our existence. And while I'm all for making men do the emotional work for once (they need the practice), I don't think anyone should have to apologize for existing. Not even men. I might joke about that sometimes, or if I haven't yet maybe I will now because it sounds like a funny joke, but no. Apologizing for your very existence is a miserable thing to do to yourself. Don't do that.

Plus, refusing to apologize for simple things like taking up space or speaking feels good. It feels really good. It's an acknowledgement that you do deserve to exist and that you as a person are just as valid as any dude and you deserve to take up space and be heard.

Don't stop apologizing entirely. Continue apologizing when you hurt people, as you inevitably will throughout your life, especially if you have privilege over people of some kind, which you almost certainly do. But do stop apologizing for being.

Here's Fascism!


Mr. Trump praised Poland, a NATO ally, “as an example for others who seek freedom, and who wish to summon the courage and the will to defend our civilization.” 
He went on to employ the same life-or-death language as in his inauguration speech, which promised a war against the “American carnage” of urban crime. 
“The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive,” he said. “Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?”

That is some highly nationalistic language, holy shit. "Preserve our civilization" fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. "At any cost" shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Meanwhile, in the Supreme Court:

Supreme Court Says Police May Use Evidence Found After Illegal Stops

FUUUUUUUUUUUCK LOL BYE 4TH AMENDMENT. Like "oh you can't do this but also now there's no punishment for it lol." I mean cops aren't actually punished for doing anything illegal including killing people for being black so the only thing stopping them from illegal searches and seizures is that their case would be screwed if they did but now fuck it, stop everybody!

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that evidence found by police officers after illegal stops may be used in court if the officers conducted their searches after learning that the defendants had outstanding arrest warrants. 
Justice Clarence Thomas, writing for the majority in the 5-to-3 decision, said such searches do not violate the Fourth Amendment when the warrant is valid and unconnected to the conduct that prompted the stop.

Cool so just make up any reason and call it valid just like they do when they murder black people, awesome. Who needs warrants anymore?

A Handy Guide to Opinions

I shouldn't have to explain how not all opinions have the same impact and how some opinions can be harmful, and yet I find myself explaining this to people over and over! So I'm just going to write it down here so I can link this post to people and save myself some fucking time.

"When did it become a crime to have a different opinion?"

First of all, stop being so fucking dramatic. You've yelled at people for "having a different opinion" over trivial shit, I know you have, because we ALL have. Second, not all opinions are the same. There are plenty of opinions to have over things that are NOT trivial.

Let's consider what an opinion actually is. The word has become largely meaningless from misuse, but the technical definition is "a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge." Still pretty vague. Something this broad can't possibly avoid being harmful in all cases. You could easily hold the opinion that all people of color are inferior to white people and therefore should be exterminated for the good of humanity. The opinion itself, technically, TECHNICALLY, isn't harmful. But that means nothing, because opinions always lead to and/or inform action.

Everything you do is based on a collection of opinions. You chose or ended up in the job you're currently working due to a mix of opinions on what kind of work is good and/or fun and/or profitable and/or worth your time, plus many other factors. I attend protests due to a (fact-informed) OPINION that we're on a fast-track to mutually-assured destruction and if nothing else I at least want to be able to look back from the rubble at say "well at least I did SOMETHING."

Let's take some sample opinions and follow them through likely actions and consequences.

Opinion #1: "Cookie dough ice cream is the best flavor of ice cream."

Likely action: Buying more cookie dough ice cream than other flavors.

Likely consequence: Sales of cookie dough ice cream increase slightly.

Is this a harmful opinion? No, because the actions and consequences of those actions are not harmful. This is an example of something that is truly "just an opinion" and if I were to call you a bad person for holding that position, I would be an asshole. Now, let's introduce a similar opinion.

Opinion #2: "The ice cream company Dreyer's makes the best ice cream."

Likely action: Buying more ice cream from Dreyer's than from other brands.

Likely consequence: Dreyer's profits increase slightly.

This still seems like a harmless opinion, and very well could be. But what if Dreyer's makes its ice cream with a special ingredient only found in Peru, and the company gets it cheap by enslaving Peruvian children, bulldozing Peruvian villages, and murdering and Peruvian people who get in the way. At this point, buying Dreyer's ice cream could be funding a horrifying Peruvian genocide.

But of course, it's not that simple. People don't hold just one opinion at a time. Your decision on whether to buy blood ice cream will be affected by other key opinions. Consider this:

Opinion #3: "My ice cream preferences are more important than the lives of humans I never have to see."

Likely action: Continuing to buy Dreyer's ice cream.

Likely consequence: Dreyer's continues to murder Peruvians to meet the demand of their customers.

Now let's consider a real-world situation (since no, Dreyer's is not murdering or enslaving Peruvians to make their ice cream, sorry Dreyer's):

Opinion #4: "Donald Trump would make a good president."

Likely action: Voting for Donald Trump.

Likely consequence: Slightly increased chance of Donald Trump becoming president.

What are the consequences of Donald Trump becoming president? Validation of serial sexual assault as an acceptable behavior, validation of racist and nationalist attitudes, legislation that increases Islamophobia, leads to more refugee suffering and death, increased deportations (leading to death, increased poverty, broken families), increased homophobia and transphobia, withdrawal of funds from programs that feed the poor, children, and elderly, withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, leading to an increased chance of climate change spiraling out of control, leading to the destruction of human civilization and possibly the entire species.

Wow, that is a lot of harm! Even if climate change doesn't kill us all, people have already been harmed on a massive scale by Donald Trump's presidency. Even just electing him led to a validation of other very harmful opinions that have led directly to deadly hate crimes. I've yet to see any evidence that electing Trump has resulted in less harm for anybody. And rich people getting tax cuts doesn't count because those people are not harmed by taxes. They are not in danger of starving or dying from preventable illness like the rest of us are.

And yes, you could argue that liberal or leftist opinions could lead to harm. You could easily argue that and if you're pissed at me right now I'm sure you're already doing it in your head. But that is not the point of this post. The point is that opinions are not neutral. They are not all the same. Some opinions are virtually harmless, while others are very harmful, because opinions lead to actions that lead to consequences. You act on your opinions a thousand times per day. So it is my opinion that you should shut up with this "just an opinion" nonsense and join the rest of us here in reality.

And remember, there is a stark difference between "opinions" and "facts." Don't be like this individual:

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gif of the Day

Wolves are big.

Transphobes Don't Speak for Me

A bathroom-bill pushing transphobe who hates trans kids so much she would deny them an education or any access to an actual life has been appointed "senior adviser for women's empowerment" in Dampnut's White House. 

Bethany Kozma's title is senior adviser for women's empowerment, according to an agency spokesperson. Kozma did not return a message seeking comment for this story. 
Kozma held positions in the White House and Department of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush, according to her LinkedIn profile, before dedicating herself full-time to raising her children. In 2016, she launched a campaign to oppose the Obama administration's guidance to public schools that said transgender students have the right to use facilities matching their gender identity; the guidance was withdrawn by the Trump administration in February.

I'd rather have a man be the senior adviser for women's empowerment than this transphobe. She only speaks for cis women and would betray little trans girls, using us cis women as an excuse for her incredibly hateful agenda.

I do not need protection from trans women and girls. Trans women and girls need protection from Bethany Kozma. I will never accept this woman as an adviser for my empowerment. She doesn't care about me, she only cares about taking life away from trans people.

She's supported by people like Austin Ruse, a man who hates all LGBT+ people, and says shit like this:

"The LGBTs are ruthless street fighters," Ruse said, citing efforts to discredit his organization as a "hate group" after it was included in a delegation to the UN's Commission on the Status of Women. "This administration is no slam dunk for people like me or Bethany Kozma. The Trump administration is filled with squishes on this issue." 
"Bethany Kozma is a lovely, sweet woman who just happens to believe that girls with penises just ought not to be showering next to girls without penises," he added.

First of all, "the LGBTs"? I've never met someone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans all at once, but I imagine they would be a force to be reckoned with, damn.

Second, what the fuck are squishes? I've only heard this term used by ace people to describe platonic crushes.

And lastly, if Ruse can recognize that you can be a girl and have a penis, what is the problem? Does he think the penis itself has some weird corrupting power? If that's the case, are pants and underwear enough to contain this?

Transphobes are fucking weird, but also dangerous, and they are the ones who should be excluded from society.

White People Very Upset By Joke

As per usual, the types of people who call every racist joke, every gay joke, every sexist joke, every rape joke, etc. "just a joke" and an example of the great untouchable "free speech" became very offended when a black comedian made a joke at the expense of white people.

Damon Wayans Jr.’s July 4th joke sparks Twitter outrage

My fellow white people were so offended at this joke that they tweeted at Damon en masse about how seriously they took it. Here's a sampling:

Click to Enlarge

I like how the first person's Twitter name is a racist joke but a joke against white people means Damon hates this country and his fans. Others apparently decided that they have the authority to determine what is and isn't a joke and call it unfunny. But when I say rape jokes aren't funny or that racist jokes aren't really jokes and are a peek into the person's true feelings, I'm a warrior crusading against freedom of speech.

America: Land of the Hypocrites, Home of White Tears.