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"What Rape Culture?"


In other news about narratives that repeat themselves over and over and over without anyone learning anything or any change happening, a woman was harassed by her community and local "justice" department until she committed suicide because she reported a powerful white man who raped her.

How Accusing A Powerful Man of Rape Drove A College Student To Suicide

The victim was clearly drugged, as she blacked out after an amount of beer that she said would normally have not caused her to even get drunk. She doesn't even remember how she ended up in the rapist's car. He brought her to his room and prevented her from leaving when she told him she had to leave to rejoin her friends and did not consent to sex.

“I said, I really need to go, I have friends that are waiting,” she told police when they first interviewed her at the hospital. “He didn’t really take that.” Eventually, Megan said, she “felt like just letting him have sex with me was the only way he would let me go.”

This is rape by coercion. But Alabama's archaic rape laws don't recognize that as rape.

Under Alabama’s archaic rape law, victims must prove they “earnestly” resisted their attackers, and the investigator who interviewed Megan quickly decided she hadn’t fought back against Bunn — she hadn’t “kicked him or hit him," he explained. His investigation would conclude that no rape occurred.

An officer's hands might be tied by state law, but what he did next is horrific beyond all reason. First he pressured her to drop the charges by basically telling her that she wasn't raped until she was emotionally exhausted.

Eventually, Jones returned to Megan’s rape allegations. “Based on your statements to me, you said that you never resisted him,” he said. 
“I did resist him,” Megan said, listing the ways she did, from repeatedly telling Bunn she wanted to leave to turning away when he kissed her. “I wanted to go home,” she said. “He didn’t take me home.” 
“Look at it from my side,” Jones replied calmly. “You never kicked him or hit him or tried to resist him.” 
A few minutes later, Megan said she didn’t know if she wanted to press charges after all.
“I want to be done,” she said. “I just want to move on.”

Real easy to be calm as a man who will very likely never experience rape. Piece of shit.

Actually, before this, Jones started questioning the victim about why she did what she did in order to escape after T.J. Bunn Jr. raped her.

Megan told police that, in a panic, she climbed through Bunn’s second-story window, jumped onto a gate and then to the dark, unfamiliar street below. When she realized she didn’t have her keys, she started frantically searching for them, even climbing back into Bunn’s room and then out again. Next, she checked Bunn’s Mercedes, where she found his wallet and a pistol. She grabbed $3 in case she had to take a cab and the gun “for safety,” she told investigators. Megan didn’t know how to handle guns, she’d later explain, and she accidentally fired it before dropping the weapon to the ground. Finally, a friend picked her up. They arrived at Tuscaloosa’s DCH Regional Medical Center around 2:40 a.m.

For this, Officer Jones decided to pursue charges AGAINST HER, the victim. Her behavior, to him, wasn't an indication that she had just undergone a horrific trauma that causes erratic behavior and panic. It made her a criminal. Because she broke into her rapist's car and took her rapist's gun to protect herself from further assault and took a measly $3 that the rapist never would have missed while living in his fucking castle.

Of course, officers treated the rapist as though he was half child half king of the world.

“This is something...I’m gonna ask the’s gotta be asked,” Hastings said, fumbling a bit. When police arrived at Bunn’s house early Thursday morning, how come Bunn said no one had been at his house the night before? 
“At that time, to be honest with you, I didn’t recall,” Bunn said. 
“Scared?” Hastings asked. 
“Of course, yeah, sure,” Bunn said. “Still scared.” 
“You ended up collecting your thoughts, and coming around, and that’s when you remembered you had her over there?” Hastings said. 
“Right,” Bunn said.

The cop is fucking guiding the rapist to the right words in order to explain away his lies after the victim was grilled by the police and treated like a criminal and pressured to drop charges.

Then the rapist uses the trumped-up charges against his victim to intimidate her into dropping her case.

When Hastings left the room for a moment, Bunn told his lawyer in a whisper that he’d drop the charges against Megan if she dropped hers. 
“I won’t pursue her if she doesn’t pursue me, but I will play hardball if she does,” he said.

World, meet rape culture. A white man and the son of a powerful white man has his asshole licked by police while the victim is treated like shit until she drops the charges.

But she didn't. This brave woman filed a civil suit after the district attorney told her there wouldn't even be a grand jury hearing because her case didn't fit the "legal definition" of sexual assault. During this time, she was diagnosed with PTSD and struggling in school due to constant anxiety and fear. Her therapist then dropped her because she was apparently a friend of the Bunns. Then things got even worse.

But although Megan and her family were told her criminal case wouldn’t move forward, the district attorney’s office eventually decided to present it to a grand jury after all. There was a catch. In a package deal, the grand jury would also rule on felony charges against Megan for breaking into Bunn’s car and stealing his gun. Internal documents from September 2015 imply authorities didn’t intend to fight too hard on Megan’s behalf: Investigators noted they found “no sexual assault occurred.”

"Justice system" my ass. The defense and police are supposed to do everything they can to get justice. Unless it's a woman accusing a powerful white man of rape, of course.

After that, the victim dropped her civil suit, withdrew from school, and moved home to Texas. That is where she killed herself, just after filling out intake forms for a mental hospital repeating over and over that she was "better off dead" and that she had been raped and bullied by the police.

According to these police, they are blameless in this death, because they were following Alabama law.

The authorities weren’t just required to follow Alabama rape law, Hood said — they were “legally obligated” to investigate the felonies Megan admitted to committing during her interview. Her mental state at the time didn’t matter. Nor, apparently, did the fact that she soon after went to the hospital and told her story to police. 
“Although she did not ‘realize’ she committed a crime does not negate the fact that she ‘did’ commit the crimes,” Hood said.

How many times have we heard men excused for their sexual crimes because they "didn't know" that what they were doing was rape? Ignorance of the law is no excuse... unless you're a rapist.

And for the final injustice, the rapist, his family and friends, and the police who investigated her case will all go on thinking that they must have done right, that the victim wasn't raped even though the event caused her distress to the point that she killed herself. And I'm sure police conduct around her case had nothing to do with that either, right, pigs? I wish I could hope that it eats them up inside and they can't sleep at night, but I know it won't, and I know they'll sleep soundly. Because they don't care about women, they don't care about rape victims, and in fact unless they keep their mouths shut they're better off dead, yeah?

This is rape culture, and this is why I fight it.

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