Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Travel Ban's Back. Again.

I don't know why I haven't been hearing about this more. Maybe everyone's just too depressed to deal? I don't blame them.

Supreme Court allows parts of travel ban to take effect

Hey, remember when President Obama nominated a Supreme Court justice and Republicans refused to allow a vote on him, letting the empty seat stay vacant for many months so that their next candidate could nominate someone super fucking conservative instead? What I'm saying is that this country is garbage and Republicans are evil.

This is what it means:

The court is allowing the ban to go into effect for foreign nationals who lack any "bona fide relationship with any person or entity in the United States." The court, in an unsigned opinion, left the travel ban against citizens of six majority-Muslim on hold as applied to non-citizens with relationships with persons or entities in the United States, which includes most of the plaintiffs in both cases. 
Examples of formal relationships include students accepted to US universities and an employee who has accepted a job with a company in the US, the court said.

That leaves out a lot of people. Bye bye, tourism industry! And fuck you, refugees!


I didn't think the SCOTUS would let this fly but this country continues to disappoint!

As for refugees, the court held that a person seeking refuge in the US can claim "concrete hardship" -- but in the end, if they "lack any such connection to the United States ... the balance tips in favor of the government's compelling need to provide for the Nation's security."

As though refugees don't already have to prove that?? That's what refugees are. They're fleeing their homes due to hardship that is never not concrete. Is concrete getting blown to pieces by U.S. bombs not concrete enough for you??

National security. What a fucking joke. Refugees don't commit terrorist attacks. Angry entitled white nationals do. But whatever, post-fact society, *circus music*.

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