Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Story Resurfaces Because Dudes Said It's True


Why in the god damn hell is this story back in the news? Because some dudes are confirming it's true instead of just a woman (backed up by all the money given to her) so now it's believable, right???

Former manager: Johnny Depp “violently kicked” ex-wife Amber Heard


But news outlets can't let Amber Heard move on with her life, no. Because some men confirmed what was already so painfully obviously true, because people can't just trust a woman when she says that yet another Hollywood douchefuck abused her, so the story's gotta be dragged up from the dead.

Maybe I should be slamming Salon and others here. Maybe they feel like they're back up Amber Heard because somehow (misogyny) there are still a fuck load of people who don't believe her. Even though Johnny Depp basically admitted it. Those are probably the same people who freaked the fuck out when Depp suggested that an actor assassinate Lord Dampnut, kinda, jokingly. Yeah let's hate him for that, not for being an incredibly violent serial abuser of women. He actually apologized for the assassination remark.

Apologize for being an abuser, Depp. Then apologize for The Lone Ranger.

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