Monday, June 19, 2017

So Like 50 Terrible Things Have Happened


Over the past week and I can't even deal.

79 people died in an apartment building fire in London because the people living in it were poor so everybody ignored all the complaints and warnings that the building was unsafe.

Philando Castile's murderer was acquitted, proving that even direct video evidence of a straight up murder for no reason by a cop isn't enough to get him convicted of anything.

Bill Cosby's trial ended in a deadlocked jury and mistrial. I guess the prosecution is going to keep pursuing it and hopefully this will give them more time but I fucking hate that anyone would vote him not guilty when he admitted to drugging multiple women under oath.

The wrongful death suit filed by Kendrick Johnson's family was dismissed.

A 17-year-old Muslim girl was found dead, likely beaten to death with a bat. A man has been charged with murder.

And in local news, the Seattle police murdered a pregnant mother of four who was also a mentally ill black woman after she called them for help during an attempted burglary. Once again, police kill someone who needed their help. They said she had a knife, but there were two of them, and for some reason couldn't even use a taser or just leave. She was several months pregnant and her children were home. An audio recorder was just released in which you can hear a child wailing after five gun shots are fired.

I'm so sick of this. I can barely get myself to report on all this horror. I can hardly read about it. It's so much. And I'm white! I honestly don't know how black people deal.

I'm gonna go to the Black Lives Matter march this Friday to protest this murder. Prepare to hear about an intense police presence and probably tear gas and shit, stuff that's way more than anything ever used at any other protest in Seattle. Because black people = scary, right police? Fuck you.

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