Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Request for Donations

I haven't done one of these in a long time. I said I would do them more but I haven't. It's difficult to shake off the shame of what is really just asking for a little compensation for what is nearly daily free labor.

For a while I was working full time at an office job, blogging at work, so it wasn't really a problem. Taking advantage of capitalists attempting to take advantage of employees felt good, actually!

Now, I cut my hours down to part time, just two days per week, so that I can attempt to build a freelancing career again, this time doing all article writing on stuff I care about. What that means is that for the majority of workdays, all the time I spend blogging is time I don't spend pitching and working on stuff that pays. And until we get basic income or I inherit millions of dollars, this is a problem.

I still love this blog and will keep doing it. I recognize that I don't have a ton of readers and that a lot of people are struggling more than I am. But if you can spare it, a couple bucks will at least make me feel good.

As usual, I have my Patreon account and Paypal:

Lindsey is creating Feminist writing

If you can't afford monthly payment (though they are as low as $1 per month), consider making a one-time donation directly to my PayPal account.

My PayPal.Me

I really appreciate anything you can spare. If you regularly enjoy my content, consider paying a little for it!

Love you folks.

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