Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Recommended Reading


This is required reading for my fellow white women out there. And for everyone else, it's highly recommended just for the writing alone. It is beautiful.

By Aisha Mirza:

White Women Drive Me Crazy

Yesterday I stepped on a white woman’s yoga mat by accident and she looked at me like she had woken up to me standing at the foot of her bed, like I had just suggested we murder her husband and run away together. She looked at me like I had escaped from a zoo, like a hippo had found its way into this Brooklyn yoga studio and was casually waiting for the 8 a.m. class to begin. She looked scared, like she had just found out that the world really did end in 2012, and she had been going to yoga three times a week since then for no reason, because she is actually a ghost. 
She looked at me like I did not exist in her world; but here I was, and she did not know what to do with me.

Hilarious. Poetic. Hard-hitting, right in the gut. And deeply informative for white women. We need to think hard and frequently about how we're hurting women of color, even when we think we're helping.

I insist you click through and read the entire thing. It's so. well. written.

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