Friday, June 2, 2017

On the Kathy Griffin Thing


I've never paid much attention to Kathy Griffin. She is pretty much your standard white feminist. Not as racist as some of them but bad enough to have her own page on Your Fave is Problematic.

When it comes to the Trump beheading thing, there maybe two things I'm concerned about. One being that images of blood and gore can be triggering for people. Another being that it might invoke comparisons to certain terrorist groups that have beheaded people on camera? But I'm not sure if that's anything, I'm waiting to see if there's a response from the Muslim community on that.

Otherwise, whatever. I'm not worried about Barron. I'm pretty sure that Barron wishes for his father's death on a daily basis. He looks completely miserable every time he has to get near that man, and all I want to do is save him from that horrible family.

The only person this has actually hurt is Kathy Griffin, indirectly, because the right flipped out over something that they would call the left "triggered special snowflakes" over if it had targeted us and we had been upset. Just like they did when black people and supporters were upset when racists kept lynching and burning effigies of President Obama, which actually hurt people. It instilled fear into the black community and emboldened violent racists. And hey, the number of anti-black hate crimes keeps going up! What do you fucking know.

Trump is not hurt by this. He is the most privileged man on the planet. Nothing can hurt him. Except if someone actually beheaded him, which someone please do that before he kills us all.

And now Kathy Griffin is terrified because she's getting the sadly predictable amount of death threats from right wing assholes and neo nazis. Again, because she did something that's not nearly as bad as the images they put out all the time to intentionally trigger people and laugh at them. I can't stress that enough.

Now I feel sorry for Kathy and I'm scared for her. Now I want to support her whereas before I was indifferent at best.

The only thing I think Kathy should have done different other than refuse to apologize is that if this was supposed to be about Trump's comments on Megyn Kelly's period, Kathy should have photographed herself squatting over a blood-covered dummy of Trump in a skirt as though she'd just free-bled all over him. That would have been comedy gold and she missed an important opportunity. Kathy, please consider this for your next project.

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