Friday, June 30, 2017

Holy Fuck Damn, NRA


The NRA has always been racist garbage, and confirmed that yet again by being silent about the murder of Philando Castile, legal gun owner shot by police directly after informing the officer that he legally possessed a gun and repeating that he was NOT reaching for it.

But apparently they decide to just go ahead and do a cannonball into the fascist pool.

God damn, NRA, tone it down a little, shit. This type of white supremacist rhetoric is usually reserved for the sewers of the Internet. But these days, of course, it's getting more and more acceptable for it to come out into the open.

Deray is right. This is an open call for right-wing racists to take up their guns and kill people, just like they've been doing. Mostly to Muslim and black people. It's an open threat to anyone who stands against fascism and white supremacy. And of course, it's full of shit. Starting with "use their media to assassinate 'real news.'" Assassinate news? What the fuck? But going out to kill black people explicitly because they're black isn't assassination to them I bet lmao.

I've really just never heard an ad so explicitly white supremacist. "Protect OUR country." From "the resistance," which is just some toothless crap that liberals came up with and is no actual threat to them, like, holy shit.

Somebody make a video where this is played alongside Hitler speeches, please. Because it will be great/horrible.

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