Friday, June 2, 2017

Feel Free to Laugh at Covfefe

I mean it. Ignore the assholes telling you that you're being "distracted" by this from whatever horror of the week Lord Dampnut and his minions are cooking up. Clearly this wasn't meant to be a distraction. It was a weird typo that likely happened right before Trump was distracted by something. And it's funny.

The covfefe memes are fucking hilarious. And do you know what people need in horrible dark times such as these? Laughter. We need to laugh. We need it to keep going. And not only does it help us get through another day in the dark timeline, you know it embarrassed the shit out of Dampnut. This is a man with the epitome of fragile egos, and every time we collectively mock and laugh at him, you can bet it distracts him from whatever hell policy he's conjuring.

I mean, he actually took the time to have a White House representative go out and declare that he and a few select people know exactly what covfefe and the entire tweet it contained meant. The man's so fragile he can't even admit to a typo and he feels the need to defend himself from Twitter mockery.

Which, again, is really funny.

Meanwhile, right-wing losers desperately trying to claim that Dampnut intentionally tweeted "covfefe" instead of ending his sentence to distract the "liberals" and make us use all our energy laughing at him and mocking him... are on Twitter using all their energy trying to push the idea that it was intentional because Lord Dampnut must be infallible, right? They're even trying to say that a minor typo in the CNN news scroll at the bottom of the screen (Cheif vs. Chief) is some kind of irony.

Don't break you spines reaching to defend this asshole who doesn't give a single fuck about you, Trump supporters.

Anyway, the point is, feel free to have a laugh. I get so sick of the articles coming out every goddamn day saying that such and such is a distraction from some other thing. There are a lot of things and they may be trying to exhaust us but the response to that should not be to try and show up other people and make them feel guilty for paying attention to one thing at a time with your snotty thinkpieces. People need to focus on one thing at a time and they should do so on the issue that speaks to them the most or on issues where they can use their privilege to raise up those they have privilege over. We need to pace ourselves and pick and choose our battles or we'll all just get burned out and the Dampnut administration will roll right over all of us.

Take the laughs where you can get them and stop shaming others for having fun for a second, damn.

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