Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cops Drag Disabled Protesters Out of Mitch's Office

In other "cops are shit" news:

WATCH: Capitol Police Drag Disabled Protesters Out Of McConnell's Office

Senate Republicans have finally released a version of their healthcare bill. It was written in complete secrecy by 13 Senators, all of them wealthy. Of course, it's devastating to the 75 million Americans on Medicaid, does away with preexisting conditions, and is a boondoggle to the rich. 
MSNBC Live cut to show footage of protesters being removed by the Capitol police at Speaker Mitch McConnell's office. Co-hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle commented on the destructive aspects of the secret Senate bill that was just released. 
The protesters were chanting, "No cuts to Medicaid!," as they were being pulled out of the hallway.

First of all, these protesters are awesome. Second of all, Mitch McConnell is the devil, and shame on those cops for obeying orders to drag disabled people away when they're fighting for their lives. Many of these people literally rely on Medicaid to survive and WILL DIE from the cuts proposed by Trumpcare.

Also, the Senate version is still horrifying. In fact, the cuts to Medicaid in this bill are even deeper than the ones in the House version. It still eliminates any Planned Parenthood funding and slashes mental health care funding. If we can't stop this, so many people will die.

If they pass this, I actually hope more of them get shot.

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