Thursday, June 1, 2017

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I've written on the topic of endometriosis before. You know, that disease that affects 1 in 10 people who have uteri and corresponding reproductive organs and causes horrible pain plus any number of other debilitating symptoms depending on what part of the body it's affecting, including severe fatigue, severe indigestion, infertility, breathing difficulties, frequent and painful urination, damage to the colon and/or reproductive organs, infection, and pain during sexual intercourse? The one that, because it's associated with women, is constantly misdiagnosed, not taught correctly to med students, widely misunderstood by medical professionals including even specialists in endometriosis, and mistreated with surgical techniques that don't actually work long term at all? Despite the fact that it's extremely common for such a debilitating disease???

We don't understand what causes endometriosis and we don't even have an effective way to diagnose the disease. The only way to truly diagnose endo is to cut open a person that has it, cut out a piece of the endo, and study it under a microscope. The only treatment that has any chance of curing the disease and not resulting in numerous future surgeries is invasive and very traumatizing surgery that requires all of the infected tissue to be cut out, which often includes removal of the entire uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and parts of the bowel, requiring several months of recovery and large medical bills if you're unfortunate enough to live in the U.S.

Why the fuck is such a common and debilitating disease so little understood? Not in the least because people don't want to fund studies on a disease that many doctors dismiss as just being exaggerations about period pain. Which. It. Is. Not.

But here's what they will fucking fund!

A study about how endometriosis affects men's sex lives? That's enraging.

Yes. Yes it is.

On Tuesday, I was alerted to the fact that the University of Sydney has recently approved research into how men’s sex lives are impacted by being in a relationship with someone who has endometriosis. This study is being conducted by master’s student who wishes to explore “the impact of endometriosis on men’s sexual wellbeing”.


There aren't enough gifs of women raging out, honestly.


Fuck cis men and their fucking boners as long as women are still suffering immensely from this disease that routinely goes undiagnosed for YEARS while they SUFFER IN HORRIBLE PAIN SERIOUSLY FUCK YOU.

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