Monday, May 15, 2017

What the Fuck

Literally all I can think to say about this article from Politico.

How Trump gets his fake news.

White House chief of staff Reince Priebus issued a stern warning at a recent senior staff meeting: Quit trying to secretly slip stuff to President Donald Trump.

What the fuck?

While the information stream to past commanders in chief has been tightly monitored, Trump prefers an open Oval Office with a free flow of ideas and inputs from both official and unofficial channels. And he often does not differentiate between the two. Aides sometimes slip him stories to press their advantage on policy; other times they do so to gain an edge in the seemingly endless Game of Thrones inside the West Wing.

What the fuck???

The consequences can be tremendous, according to a half-dozen White House officials and others with direct interactions with the president. A news story tucked into Trump’s hands at the right moment can torpedo an appointment or redirect the president’s entire agenda. Current and former Trump officials say Trump can react volcanically to negative press clips, especially those with damaging leaks, becoming engrossed in finding out where they originated.

WhAt ThE fUcK?

When Trump bellows about this or that story, his aides often scramble in a game of cat-and-mouse to figure out who alerted the president to the piece in the first place given that he rarely browses the internet on his own. Some in the White House describe getting angry calls from the president and then hustling over to Trump’s personal secretary, Madeleine Westerhout, to ferret who exactly had just paid a visit to the Oval Office and possibly set Trump off.

The entire article is a roller coaster of people trying to manipulate, placate, rile up and/or control the president, who is apparently half toddler half active volcano. It continues to be mind-blowing that this man currently occupies arguably the most powerful position in the world when he doesn't have the ability to discern reality from fantasy. Our president in the year 2017 doesn't have the ability to google shit but instead just reacts to it as though he failed to develop any impulse control. And instead of being like "what the fuck, we gotta get this guy out of here," the White House staff is just scrambling to try and play this human disaster to their advantage.

It's Game of Thrones but with unattractive people and less hope that a badass dragon lady is going to come set the kingdom right again and save us from the white walkers, a.k.a. Putin.

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