Tuesday, May 9, 2017

This is Equal Parts Sad and Hilarious

‘Mail my body to Paul Ryan’: An extremely morbid way to protest the GOP health-care bill

Well, it's an extremely morbid world right now, Washington Post.

Obviously this is hilarious for reasons of revenge, and for the horror imposed upon Paul Ryan and other morbidly soulless Republicans. The sad thing is, would this even affect them? First of all, they're so rich they probably have a special butler just for picking up their mail from the mailbox right outside their golden gates. Second, even if they did see the ashes, would someone without a soul even give a fuck? They don't care that they're killing people so why would they care if they saw a dead person's ashes on their doorstep?

And of course, it's incredibly sad that people are so hopeless about their future that the only thing they can feel solace in is the idea of sending the ashes of their dead bodies to the people who killed them.

This is year 2017. Mail my body to Paul Ryan.

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