Friday, May 5, 2017

These Are the Enemies of the People

I want you take all of your anger at the House's passing of Trumpcare and realize that the people who fought for it and voted for it are not some misinformed people or people with different opinions or even just some jerks trying to grab a bit more for themselves. They are your enemy. And they are the enemy of every average person. Anyone who isn't wealthy, white, cishet, able-bodied, and neurotypical. They want you sick, weak, poor and helpless, if not dead. For a lot of us, they just want us dead.

If you're skeptical, or not angry enough yet, maybe the fact that House Republicans were celebrating this step toward killing many of us with beer will get you there:

Even if I could pretend to believe that Republicans think they're doing the right thing here, this is a life and death matter for many people. It's a fucking somber issue, and incredibly controversial. Fucking have some goddamn respect for the people this is going to impact. At least have your party in secret, you absolute incarnations of pure unfettered evil.

They not only want us to die, they're partying over killing us. These people want you dead. Don't you think self defense is warranted? Yet people I know (liberals) were still complaining about May Day "riots" this year, because some windows were broken and Pepsi cans thrown into crowds of police. When what we really should be doing, by all reason and logic, is mobbing the White House and marching these people who are trying to kill us directly into the Atlantic Ocean before they can kill any more of us. Somehow they've tricked most of us out of any sense of self-preservation, or have redirected it onto people who are no real threat to us.

Lack of health care has killed so many people in this country. If we had universal health care like almost every other country with a comparable economy, infrastructure, and social system, millions of avoidable deaths could have in fact been avoided. In 2009, it was found that 45,000 die every year as a result of a lack of health coverage. That was before Obamacare was passed. And Obamacare still didn't cover everyone. Now they want to bring us back to how it was.

Make no mistake, Trumpcare isn't a "repeal and replace" bill. It's just a repeal bill. It strips away everything decent about Obamacare and once again leaves us at the mercy of health insurance companies that would rather see us die than have to pay out.

Stand up for yourself. Fight back. Self defense is not wrong. Even if it's violent by any definition. Break every Republican's window. Make it so they can't have a single intact window until they vow to leave Obamacare alone. And if they try to pull shit again, break their windows again. Don't let them have a single moment of fucking peace. They are the enemy.

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