Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Texas Trying to Keep Trans Kids From Life

Remember when the trans boy Mack Beggs was barred from competing on the boys' team because he was born with a vagina and then everyone was upset that he beat all the girls? Well, now they're apparently trying to keep trans kids out of sports altogether.

Texas bill could keep transgender students out of high school sports.

Texas is proposing a bill that could keep transgender students out of high school sports. 
The stated focus of the bill, SB 2095, is steroid use. But because gender confirmation often includes the use of steroids, critics say the true purpose of the bill is to discriminate. 
"The real intent of the bill is to keep young transgender athletes from participating in sports," Sylvia Garcia of Houston, a Democrat, told CNN. "We need to make sure they're free to participate just like everybody else."

Steroids are already banned in the state of Texas but allow for exceptions if doctors prescribe them. Which is extremely necessary because steroids treat things like swelling. I was prescribed steroids when I had mono to reduce the swelling of the glands in my neck when they were in danger of cutting off my ability to breathe.

So there would be no other reason to pass a bill like this than fuck over trans people. Everybody talks about how important sports are for kids. So barring them from such an important aspect of childhood is utterly cruel. It's yet another way for these heartless transphobes to try and make sure trans people end up dead. Trans people already have incredibly high rates of suicide. This would only make them worse.

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