Thursday, May 4, 2017

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The House passed Trumpcare today. Now it heads to the Senate. I don't know anymore if filibuster is possible on this or anything else, and I don't know if enough Republican Senators would vote against it. I've heard everything from "don't even worry about it" to "lol @ you for thinking the Senate will stop this bill." So.

I'm still angry and saddened and afraid. I'll be okay, though I don't know what Trumpcare would mean for access to mental health treatment. But I am so afraid for people I know, people I care about, and people I admire. And you know what, I'm also afraid for people I don't know, or even people I generally dislike. I don't want anybody to die, except maybe for the shit fuckers in congress who voted for this bill.

One person I'm afraid for in particular is that woman whom I won't shut up about ever, Ijeoma Oluo. She posted a live video on Facebook about her struggle with a dangerous chronic illness that she only recently was able to get effective care for. It's a moving story that illustrates just how fucked up our health care system was before Obamacare. Even if Obamacare is still pretty fucked up, we cannot go back to how it was, when being raped or having a C-section were considered "pre-existing conditions" rather than crimes and medical procedures.

Here's her plea for basic human decency:

I'm not sorry if that made you cry, we should all be crying right now.

If you're looking for instruction on what to do, Ben Wikler's Twitter thread is a good place to start.

There you have it. Fuck them up. Even if your representative didn't vote for it. Call the ones that did. Tweet at the ones that did. Pour your rage onto them. Make them fucking regret it.

This is life and death for so many people. This is war.

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