Friday, May 26, 2017

Recommended Reading

If you ever needed a comprehensive takedown of far-right and "alt-right" bullshit that shows how they really hate free speech (except for a privileged few, but then you can't really call that free speech) and love fascism, anti-fascist publication It's Going Down has you covered.

And trust me, you need this.

Why the Far-Right Hates Freedom & Loves Bullshit

But moreover, you begin to understand that rational thought, logic, and facts don’t actually matter to the Far-Right. Instead, what the Right learned from liberals is that it can instead invert every criticism of itself back onto its enemies. “Antifa are the real fascists! They hate free speech!,” claims the Alt-Right, as they murder people of color and attack places of worship across the country. “Anarchists are the shock troops of the Communist, Democratic Party, and are funded by George Soros!,” proclaim the militias and right-wing biker groups, as they cozy up with billionaires and career politicians. “Feminism is a cancer! It oppresses men!,” write the Men’s Rights Activists and neo-reactionaries, who, in turn, promote everything from rape to pediofillia.

The piece goes on to explain how neoliberalism helped set us up for the current rise of fascism and neo-nazism and how the far-right has exploited the consequences as well as ongoing white supremacy and general ignorant fear of migrants and poor people of color to support their propaganda and further entrench us in fascist, capitalist hell.

But in recent history it was the passing of NAFTA, which both took communal lands out of the hands of peasants and farmers in Mexico and flooded the country with US products and companies, that forced many workers to look to the US to find work to feed their families. Soon after, the Clinton administration began to militarize the border; this militarization increased through Bush and Obama, while the economy continued to be dependent on immigrant labor. 
It goes without saying, but without immigrant workers, a huge section of the US economy running on lower paid, highly exploitable, and non-union labor would collapse. Furthermore, despite what the Far-Right says, immigrants aren’t basking in the glow of “free government money.” While they pay taxes through their wages and purchases, as non-US citizens, they can’t access various government programs that they pay into. 
At the end of the day, this system is highly profitable. ICE agents scare migrants away from organizing and asking for better conditions through threats of raids and deportations, while those who profit from paying immigrants low wages reap the financial rewards.

There's a lot of fantastic information in here. This is one for the bookmarks list so I can draw on these points and sources for future inevitable arguments, both with actual far-right fascists and the liberals who end up supporting them.

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