Tuesday, May 30, 2017

People Are Starting to Attack the Press

I mean physically. And not just the journalist who got fucking choke slammed by a political candidate who won his election the very next day.

Windows shattered at Herald-Leader building; suspected bullet damage found

This is a local mainstream news outlet in Kentucky. And clearly I have my issues with mainstream news like this. But it's extremely alarming to see a place like this be subject to a clear terrorist attack in a time when the president has been so brazen in condemning and verbally attacking any press that doesn't 100% support him.

Exterior windows were damaged on the first-, second- and third-level banks of windows of the press room on the Midland Avenue side of the building. Three exterior windows were shattered, leaving broken glass on the sidewalk outside. Two windows on the upper level of the press room were damaged, but did not shatter. Those windows show small holes and cracks that appear consistent with small-caliber bullet damage. 
Lexington Police on Monday confirmed that they are investigating the incident as criminal mischief, and that investigators believe the damage is consistent with small-caliber gunfire.

Criminal mischief my bleach-white ass.

I'm scared for all the people working at all the smaller local press outlets out there, just trying to live, many just trying to tell the truth the best they can. And it's horrifying that our president gets up in front of people and says these things, and he doesn't even have to be the one to send troops to harass and intimidate the press. His civilian supporters will do it for him, for free, and Dampnut gets off scot free.

This is the world we live in.

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