Monday, May 15, 2017

Mail Time!


It's been a bit since I published some hate mail. This comes from Robin:

Hello, I've read your blog in depth. I particularly enjoyed the part where you deem the word "idiot" to be an offfensive slur (perhaps to those with mental illness)but later on the same page you decide that calling someone worthless or fucked up is totally acceptable. Calling someone worthless who might suffer with depression is far worse than "idiot" which has lost much of its original meaning and hasn't been considered remotely offensive for some time, apart from, of course, upper middle class types like yourself who decide to be offended on the behalf of others. Can you see the hypocrisy here or are you too blinded by your own attempt at intellectualism. Ironic that you claim people could be too uneducated to read your blog, when you miss simple things like this.  
Love and empathy, Robin

Dear Robin,

I don't know why you have to lie and say you've read my blog in depth when you clearly haven't. I've written multiple blog posts on ableism which are tagged "ableism," and your message makes it obvious that all you did was read my commenting policy page and got mad about it for some reason. And you didn't even read that well. Words like "idiot" are about insulting intelligence, not about mental illness.

If you'd read my blog much at all, you'd also know that I have suffered from depression and occasionally still have depressive episodes. Now, if you'd come to me with a genuine concern about calling people worthless and how that might trigger people with depression, but instead you came here to shit on people with learning/intellectual disabilities and later people with visual impairments, so, no. Also what is it with trolls and accusing everyone they don't like of being "upper middle class." Do you not realize that it's a huge giveaway?

Me, sitting in my one-bedroom apartment behind a car dealership on a laptop missing the s key:

Nice try, but you, Robin, are worthless.

Yours Always,


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