Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fascism Festering in Bellingham

Why do I care about Bellingham, Washington, you ask? Bellingham holds a special place in my heart. It's the place where I attended college and spent the happiest four years of my life, easily. It's where I met my life partner. In my good dreams, Bellingham is the place I move back to. I love Bellingham.

And now it's infested.

Proud Boys recruiting in B'ham, experts and community concerned

If you didn't know, the "Proud Boys" are white supremacists who say they aren't racist with a special affinity for misogyny.

“While [the Proud Boys’ ideology] is more diffused than the very narrowly defined brand of white nationalism that alt-right figures like Richard Spencer promote, it has, in many ways, been successful in tapping into a larger generation of disaffected white males,” he said. 
Burghart said the Proud Boys cater to white males by emulating fraternity culture’s initiation rituals and sense of brotherhood.
The flier read: “The West is the best! We want you to be a Proud Boy. We are western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world. We glorify the entrepreneur. We venerate the housewife. We cherish free speech. We love our guns.”

Wow, it takes a special kind of misogynist these days to declare oneself a chauvinist as though it's a legitimate identity marker and not a pejorative term.

Oh sure, I get it, the technical dictionary definition for "chauvinist" is "a person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism." So not TECHNICALLY relating to gender.

But it's still negative. Definitions that include terms like "aggressive" and "belligerent" do not paint the picture of something that is okay to be. And everybody who hears the term "chauvinist" is automatically going to think of a sexist asshole. And anyone who hears "aggressively patriotic" is going to think of a racist asshole. These are the great qualities that the "Proud Boys" decided to advertise on their recruitment fliers.

Now I have an entirely different reason to move back to Bellingham. All I want to do is walk the streets of Bellingham at night and tear down fliers and replace them with ones that say "Proud Boys Get Punched" and "Chauvinists Fuck Off," etc. And punch anyone I see putting up these fliers.

Bellinghamsters. Please. Do this for me. I can't move up to Bellingham right now. You folks need to get your shit together and kick these fuckers out of my town.

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