Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Child Marriage Happens in Christian America All the Time


One of the many wonderful (read: terrible) things that anti-feminists like to do is exploit victims of child marriages in countries they don't live in by telling us feminists that we should be concerned about them only. They do this to silence us whenever we dare to have concerns about anything, particularly all the issues of rape culture and patriarchy in countries they do live in. They want to deny that there is any need for feminism in any countries except those they don't actually know anything about, only false stereotypes. And exist in vague regions and entire, huge, very diverse continents.

"There aren't any real sexism problems in the U.S. There are child marriages happening over in the Middle East!"

Yeah, they happen here, too, shithead.

11 Years Old, a Mom, and Pushed to Marry Her Rapist in Florida

That's just one story, but as it turns out, 167,000 marriages between an underage girl and an adult man happened from the years 2000-2010 in the United States. That's 16,700 child marriages every year. That's 45 every goddamn day. And that's just from data people chose to report. You can see a graph of the data at the link, which I can't save and post properly because the New York Times is a butthole company.

And in many states, this is completely legal. As long as there's parental consent, girls as young as 13 can marry in New Hampshire. When decent people tried to change this antiquated law, the Republican-controlled House voted to kill the bill and keep the minimum age of marriage at 13. The vast majority of kids who end up in marriages like this are girls. In Florida, there is no minimum age. Same in 24 other states in the nation.

The case of the 11-year-old victim in Florida is horrifying. Her parents made her marry her rapist to protect him and themselves from investigators. That's the entire reason.

This shit happens in the U.S., little girls are being made victims of horrific shit like this all the time here, and no one is talking about it. No one knows. Because people would rather pretend it only happens in "the Middle East" or "Africa" or "Asia." Those areas full of people of color and dominated by religions other than Christianity. But it happens here too, and in plenty of white, Christian families.

So shut the FUCK up.

The entire article is horrific and important. And gives you some more reasons to hate some key politicians. All Republican.

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