Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Another Deadly Racist Hate Crime

Just days after a white supremacist murdered two people for daring to defend the Muslim women he was screaming at, another murderous racist ran over multiple members of the Washington state Quinault Tribe in his ridiculous giant-tire pickup truck when they tried to get him to stop doing donuts on their campground. One man was killed and another hospitalized.

The assault was intentional. According to witnesses, the white guy screamed racial slurs and made "war whoops" out of his truck window as he ran them over.

I've seen multiple articles talking about just how white and white supremacist Portland actually is, and that applies to a lot of the more northern parts of the Pacific Northwest, including much of Washington state. As Seattle becomes more and more gentrified so rich white people can carve out ever more profits around the corporate entities taking over the city, areas outside of the city limits are starkly segregated. We have a lot of Native American reservations in the state and they often suffer from violence by the white people surrounding them.

This is going to keep happening. Even if Lord Dampnut is impeached, too much damage has been done already. Too many white supremacists were given a platform to preach their hate and they've converted too many people to their poisonous ideology, The rest of us white people need to be increasingly vigilant.

The men who stood up to the murderer in Portland are fine examples of what needs to be done. And yes, it could get you killed. Maybe consider carrying a self defense weapon about. But also, more people need to step up. It would be easier to intimidate a guy like that with an entire crowd of his fellow white people shouting him down, refusing to tolerate his hate speech.

I'd like to say that the men murdered in Portland were just doing their basic duty as human beings, but if thinking of them as heroes helps make you brave, then go ahead. Just please help stop these hate crimes and murders.

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