Friday, April 21, 2017


This is a prime candidate for headline of the month but I made the mistake of designating one on the 3rd but here:

Republican senator's 'private' town hall meeting gets crashed by mariachi band

Three organizations – including two focusing on Latino issues – were behind the musical interruption. Tuesday night, they paid $250 to register as Chamber members and brought six members of a mariachi band from Mexico City to play a “love song” and demand Gardner hold a public forum, said Hilda Nucete, a program director of Denver-based Conservation Colorado. 
“It was a gift,” Nucete said, referring to the Spanish song “Where Are You, My Heart?” The song, she said, is about “when the guy really messes up and you’re trying to get back the girl, so we’re trying to get (Gardner) to fall in love with us again.”

There are different ways to fight the power. Some people march. Some people organize. Some people write. Some people show up at your sneaky ass accountability-avoiding non-town hall meetings and go MI CORAZÓN ESTA ENCLAVADO EN EL MISMO OESTE, DEJAR MI CORAZÓN POR EL OESTE Y SU FUTURO ES LO QUE QUIERO.

Well done, Hilda Nucete.

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