Monday, April 3, 2017

Republicans Are Shutting Women Out of Government

The stark ways in which the Dampnut administration is shooting us backward in time continues to shock me, even though you'd think that by now I'd just be a stone husk of a human being.

I just thought that at least cishet white women would be given some lip service, but alone with the complete absence of gender identity and sexual orientation from the census from now on, the white men overwhelmingly in control of the executive branch right now are determined to push out any women from being able to have any influence in the government responsible for those of us that make up half the population.

Both Mike Pence and Neil Gorsuch are refusing to meet with women alone or at all. Apparently, refusing to have dinner alone with women is some kind of conservative Christian thing that Mike Pence abides by, though I've never heard of that before and sounds like something that might have been a thing with the Amish in the 1800's, but these days sounds like a convenient way to keep female legislators from even trying to have their say. Private meetings like that are par for the course in Washington for making deals and what have you.

Meanwhile, Gorsuch is just straight up cancelling meetings with female politicians who want to ask him questions about his possible appointment to a seat on the Supreme Court and then never bothering to reschedule.

They're not even bothering to pretend not to be sexist shitheads anymore, and why should they have to when there's a guy like Lord Dampnut in the Oval Office?

This just disgusts me to my very core. I'm angrier than I've been in a long time. They're turning the government into a cishet white boys' club and barely even trying to hide it. After eight years of decent representation, now we have this:

And it's back to them treating us women like we're little children who don't get to have a say in what happens to our own bodies. They're pushing us out of government so they can take everything from us.

You motherfuckers will get what's coming to you.

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