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Pro-Feeding Hungry Children Masterpost



So I posted something on Tumblr that has become rather popular and somehow drum up a good deal of controversy in certain circles of people who are so fucking horrible that they think the abstract idea of the "free market" and declaring that all taxation is theft is more important than feeding hungry kids. So that they don't die of starvation.

Honestly, what kind of Oliver Twist nightmare world are we living in?

Anyway, I decided to gather all the responses from people who actually have experience with hunger and poverty and/or are not fucking terrible and put them all here. That way I can just link to this post whenever some conservative libertarian fuck pops up in my Tumblr activity. You know, when I'm not just straight up telling them to go fuck themselves.

And if you're here because I linked you to this because you're arguing against feeding hungry children, go fuck yourself.

This is going to be quite long, so I'm gonna actually put in a "read more" thing as to not take up my entire homepage with these:

I'm going to separate this into two sections: Personal stories and good points in favor of feeding children because apparently that's something we need now. Also, enjoy the wide variety of strange and hilarious account names.

Personal Stories


When I was younger, I lived in a small town in the middle of assfuck nowhere with only an elementary. So when I had to go to junior high, this meant that I was getting up at 5 in the morning and catching a bus at 6 to get to school on time (we had to detour to get all the farm kids so yeah it took two fucking hours). So grade 7. Little 12 year old me. Woke up at 5, ate something, and then got to school already ready for more food, which I didn’t have. 
But my school had this thing called ‘toast club’, which literally just meant they made a fuck ton of toast in the library every morning and if you came through you got two pieces with butter/jam/peanut butter/whatever you chose on it. And that’s how I got through every morning, every day, for three years. In my first year of high school, my bus ride was now two and half hours, and there was no toast club there, and surprise surprise I did very poorly in my two morning classes. At least now I live in town so I only have a 20 minute walk to school, but seriously, feeding kids is super important.


Funny story: I currently attend a collegiate high school, which basically means when I graduate, I’ll be graduating with my associates degree along with my diploma. And isn’t that great? Isn’t that results? 
More than half the students at my school are Hispanic, Black, or occasionally Asian. More than half my school has free or reduced lunch, including me. Many of the students have to work to help their family, because they barely make it month to month. 
They’re telling us? That we don’t deserve to eat? Because free/reduced lunch is literally one of the only ways these kids will be able to eat. And I know them. It’s horrid.


real talk: as a child who would’ve starved without school lunches everyone who thinks children don’t deserve food, clothing, housing, & education can catch these hands


Before I got kicked out of the education program (long story), I worked with a teacher who kept those huuuuge bags of cereal from Malt-o-Meal in her office, and would ‘randomly’ decide it was snack time when she saw her hungry students flagging.  She would also invite them to have cereal with her in the morning if they hadn’t eaten, especially on Mondays.  She went through SO MUCH CEREAL but those kids could focus and participate.  Nobody can tell me it didn’t create results.


Me and several of my siblings would not have made it through our younger years without the free and reduced lunch program. I’m sorry that some people can afford to do hundreds on a steak, but when mom’s digging through her pockets for change for food you’re grateful you’re getting lunch for 40 cents


My husband and I are both teachers. We can barely feed our own family, but make too much to qualify for aid… yet every week, I buy $10 worth of granola bars to keep in my desk so my students can get one of they’re hungry. They know. They tell their friends. At least once a week a kid I don’t even know asks me if I’ve got snacks in my desk…


When I was four, my older sister used to bring me home food from school, because my single, immigrant, mentally ill mother could not get a job. I am alive today because of my sister’s free lunch program at her elementary school. Anybody who thinks that I should be dead today because my family went through hard times when I was four fucking years old is a piece of shit.


As someone who’s productivity and focus are very closely aligned with how hungry I am, let me tell you that saying feeding kids isn’t “creating results” is total bullshit. If I am hungry, I am not going to get anything done because all I can focus on is how hungry I am and that most schools don’t allow students to carry snacks with them or eat in classes. 
I distinctly remember sneaking food in my backpack and discreetly eating corn muffins from the small pouch in the top of my backpack in math class regularly because we weren’t supposed to eat, but I knew I had the last lunch, and going from 6:30 to almost noon with NO FOOD wasn’t in the cards for me. I know I get a mental fog, unfocused, sometimes dizzy, and very hangry when I go too long without food. 
I wasn’t part of the free lunch programs in school, but please, tell me again how taking away access to food–particularly those kids who may not have anything for breakfast at home because they already can’t afford an inexpensive school lunch(in high school school, basic hot lunch was $1.75 a day, if I remember correctly)–is going to help produce results?  
Those same kids are likely going home again to an empty fridge. Think about that.


So, this isn’t exactly the same, but anyway: one of my friends had an eating disorder a while back. I’m not exactly 100% sure what type, I just know it wasn’t bulimia. She didn’t eat breakfast or lunch. She ate (some) dinner, because she didn’t want her parents to worry. She was hungry, and lost 16 kg, or 35 lbs. you could count her ribs. Her grades, which were pretty much As, became Ds. Her concentration was nonexistent, her memory sucked, and she became depressed, moody, and suicidal. DO NOT TELL ME THAT CHILDREN EATING GIVES NO RESULTS. THATS FUCKING BULLSHIT. CHILDREN NOT EATING IS NO OPTION YOU SHMUCK. 
I would like to add for those who may be concerned, my friend made a slight recovery. She is no longer suicidal, and she is eating again.


My parents survived on one meal a day for most of our early lives so that us kids could eat at home (breakfast and dinner) as well as having a school lunch (us being super poor but UK-based, our school lunches were subsidised, aka “free”).  
Without those lunches we wouldn’t have made it through childhood and adolescence. We needed that food to grow and survive - let alone think. 
I’m seriously so disgusted at the rhetoric around free school meals. Like, what the fuck. How can you look at children and think about fucking money and numbers and profit and results? It sickens me. Rich fuckers with no empathy are killing us, our children, and our planet.


Let me tell you, I was never so poor I couldn’t afford lunch, but I was anorexic. School is fucking impossible without food. I couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t learn, and I felt like I was draggin concrete blocks through a swamp just to get to class. Fucking feed children. 


And like, aren’t these the same bastards who talked about Michelle Obama’s healthy food initiative like it wasn’t fair to limit what kids can eat at school? Geez. 
I worked with kids in an after school program and a summer camp. You could always tell the ones who weren’t eating well at home. They’d ask for extra snack but wouldn’t eat it. They’d put it in their backpack. Once a kid was filling his backpack with leftover oranges. 


Anyone claiming that providing breakfast/free and reduced meals doesn’t help a child academically has not stepped foot in a public school in over twenty years and is cordially invited to FUCKING FIGHT ME I WILL MAKE SURE MY STUDENTS EAT EVERY DAMN DAY. THIS IS THE BIGGEST MEAL SOME OF MY KIDS GET IN ANY GIVEN DAY. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO DO ANYTHING WHILE STARVING? 
No because people who are against this have never, ever been insecure about where their next meal was coming from. Fuck you

Good Points in Favor of Feeding Children Because Apparently That's Something We Need Now

also jokes on them 
poor kids also come to school to eat when theres not a lot of food at home, so really no food = one more reason not to come to school :)


Children don’t exist to benefit society. They exist because two people procreated, and
a grade is not, has never been and should NEVER BE an indication of their worth. 
If people think a child’s purpose is to raise a school average, or to benefit society, they’re wrong. It isn’t a kid’s responsibility to raise statistics. Someone’s health and well being should never be dependent on their grades. 
Imagine you’re some kid who’s trying your hardest but still failing every class. You’re trying to change your grades. Could you imagine what it would be like if suddenly you were told that you don’t get food anymore because there don’t seem to be “results?!” 
I hope anyone who says that doesn’t have kids. They’d probably deny their kids dinner if they didn’t do well on a math test. Kids should never be forced to struggle for some result for FOOD. 
People need food to live. Kids cannot pay for themselves. They have no income. If their parent(s) cannot pay for food, they NEED THESE PROGRAMS. 
“Well maybe then their parents shouldn’t have had kids.” 
That’s all well and good Trump Supporter, but it might not have been a choice, and if so we all know where Trump stands on abortion. 
This isn’t a statistics thing. This is a moral issue. You don’t make some seven-year-old earn their food. That’s simply not okay.


I’m so glad I happened upon this conversation today because in my french class we watched a video about school lunches there, in public schools. And holy shit. FIVE COURSE GOURMET MEALS FOR EVERYBODY, even THREE YEAR OLDS. And if you can’t afford it, you don’t have to pay for it! And here in the jolly old USA we are arguing about if children even deserve to eat.  
God Bless McFreaking America. 


The next time someone says we don’t deserve a meal:  “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” 
Examine this paragraph, then explain how you can have Justice and Tranquility, when a large portion of your population suffers from want.  You have to have “general Welfare and Justice”, before you can have any of the other items on this list.  The Founders knew that and today we people claiming to know better, quoting these founders to twist this paragraph.


you will grow old one day. 
you will want to collect social security and live in a safe, clean enviroment 
This can only happen if the children growing up now can attend school, graduate and get good jobs. and if we finally begin dealing with the inequality built into our society 
we won’t be able to import qualified workers because due to Republicans, no will want to move to the US. 
Even if you only thought about taking care of the next generation in the most selfish of ways, you’d see it’s ridiculous to throw away an entire generation because of simple short sighted greed.


Also straight up there are results, maybe not in test scores because most standardized testing is pretty much created so that low-income children fail (students who are primarily kinetic learners, and therefore have difficultly sitting down and reading for 6 hours) . Kids are going to school because of free lunch. The school district I student taught in started giving breakfast and saw a 50% increase in attendance to first 2 periods of the day. If we take away free lunch we are going to see a severe decrease in low-income high school graduation rates. There is also going to be a sharp up-tick in gang activity, and criminal activity among minors. Students at schools that receive free-lunch typically do not succeed academically as well as students in schools that do not receive free-lunch. Simply put this is because schools that don’t receive free-lunch have more money. They have money to hire teachers MED’s, they have money to pour into after-school programs, they have money to buy new text books, they have money to update classrooms, and money to educate children. Low-income schools don’t “create results” because even though we are feeding kids we still aren’t giving them all of the tools that are needed to succeed. When politicians say they aren’t seeing “results” what their really saying is “I don’t understand how important education is”. There are is a school to prison pipeline and by taking away free lunch politicians are only widening it.  


“You have a learning disability? Guess you’ll fucking starve.” 
“You failed that exam, because you had a migraine? Well sorry, no lunch for you.” 
“Languages have just never been your piece of cake? Well good luck finding some cake, cause you won’t even get so much as a crumb from us.”


It has also been proven that children can not focus if they don’t have a health breakfast and a good lunch, and if we are still going to have have a surplus of really unnecessary Standardized Tests, and want our children to be better than any other country’s children, you need to give them food. Don’t get me wrong, I think having kids not go hungry is more important than results, but if they even want results, they have to have the kids/future leaders of the country be nourished. The reason why some may argue the free lunch and breakfast program doesn’t work, is because there’s not always enough funding to get a good amount of healthy and nutritious food. Honestly, unless these old sentient fedoras have found the fountain of youth (I rather they accidentally found the fountain of death so they can die already), and can now be immortal, they need to start taking care of the younger generations.


Some of these rich white fuckholes inherited their wealth and have been, all in all, a massive drain to society as well, so it’s not like they have any fucking right to talk.


The people making minimum wage pay taxes, too? Their bills and groceries and necessities(actual necessities. Not pampering. The bare minimum)all come from their minimum wage paycheques. It would be nice if their taxes went toward their needs, too. 


Minimum wage, full time job: $15,000 / yr.  
Rent for a 3-bedroom apartment that isn’t an utter shithole, in an area with rent costs below the national average: at a low estimate, ~$1000 per month, or $12,000 per year. That leaves $3,000 per year or $250 per month for everything else – food, clothes, healthcare, transportation. Oh, and utilities aren’t included in rent, so your heating, water, electric bills all still have to get paid. I mean, even if you go for the two-bedroom place and your hypothetical two kids share a room, that’s still at a low estimate about $800 a month, $9600 a year, leaving $5400 per year or $450 per month. For everything that isn’t rent, which still includes utility bills.  
And you have to figure out either how to arrange your work schedule so you’re home enough to take care of your kids, or how to pay for daycare, on top of all the usual expenses of sustaining life. The kind of jobs you can get are all going to be very physically or mentally demanding (or both), despite the low pay. You’ll come home exhausted after 8 hours on your feet smiling and being nice to rude demanding assholes.  
Try it out sometime. Get a fast-food job, and see how long YOU can support even just yourself, let alone a child or two, without relying on any assistance programs.  
And also, if you had the slightest shred of compassion you’d realize that the people really being punished here are children. You want children to suffer and starve for what you (erroneously, but even if you were correct this point stands) perceive as the moral failings of their parents. Children who did not ask to be born in the first place, and certainly didn’t ask to be born to poor families. Children who cannot fend for themselves and “take responsibility” as your ilk likes to tout. You are literally advocating for allowing children to starve, when they as individuals are powerless to “make better choices”, because it doesn’t directly benefit you personally to provide them with food. How do you not see how horrendously callous that attitude is? Are you really that completely bereft of the tiniest scrap of basic human decency? 


Maybe we should not provide food for legislators until they create results.

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