Friday, April 21, 2017

How is This Helping

Spoiler alert: The thing I'm about to talk about is not helping.

Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conference

This again? Look. It didn't help before the man was elected, it didn't help before he was sworn in, and it's not going to help now. Lord Dampnut isn't going to be removed from office on the basis of his mental health. The Republicans are in power, and they don't even fucking believe in mental health. And even if they did, they don't give a fuck. All they care about is how they can manipulate the situation to get more money and power.

In the meantime, shit like this only hurts mentally ill people. How much do you think it hurts people who actually deal with paranoia and delusions to be compared to this nuclear disaster of a human being? I know a lot of mentally ill people and they are generally nicer and better people than those who have not been diagnosed with a mental illness, and certainly better than the people who don't even believe in psychology who are also currently running the country.

Here's the thing. The world of psychology is still quite messy and full of privilege and abuse. These psychiatry experts are extremely likely to be a group of well-off white dudes who have never been mentally ill themselves. The people who get to make decisions on what mental illness even is/looks like have a lot of privilege, and their decisions invariably have a negative affect on those without much privilege.

I'm not saying that Dampnut isn't dangerous. Of course he's dangerous. But you don't need to be mentally ill to be dangerous. And I'll admit to myself wondering whether he is actually mentally ill or if he's just intentionally gaslighting all of us, confusing and pissing off and throwing off his detractors with his constant, blatant lies because he knows it's going to make us run around in circles screaming rather than doing anything very useful. But at this point it doesn't matter which it is. What does matter is that he's hurting people, and this kind of speculation is hurting people. STOP FUCKING HURTING PEOPLE.

This is about more than armchair diagnosing. There's a whole lot more wrong with our current system of mental illness diagnostics than just psychiatrists diagnosing people without actually having them sit down in a chair in a room and listening to them talk in that setting rather than in front of lots of people at a podium. This is about the fact that people with mental illness are constantly being stigmatized by assholes going "look at this person who is hurting people! They must be mentally ill!"

My mental illness has made me significantly less likely to cause people harm. My anxiety makes me afraid to even stand up to people face-to-face. My mental illness harms me, it doesn't make me harm other people. I have harmed other people before, but that was usually do to some form of ignorance. I don't know what's the excuse of these psychiatrists, because they should not be ignorant about this. Yet there they are, the supposed experts on mental illness and how not to be mentally ill, hurting potentially millions of mentally ill people. Fuck you guys.

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