Friday, March 3, 2017

Why Are You Putting Up With Capitalism

This is a question I seriously want you to consider. I've been feeling so worn down lately. I'm trying to keep going but my thoughts keep turning back to one thing: fuck you, capitalism.

I really want to put so much more effort into my activism. I want to go to every meeting, I want to attend town halls and all the rallies. I want to start my own local resistance group and dedicate all my time to fighting this nightmare administration.

But I have to have a job. I have to make money. I have to pay rent and bills and it's a constant struggle. I get up at 7:15 in the morning to catch a bus and get to work by 9, and then I'm home by maybe 5:45 if traffic's not bad. And I'm lucky. There's some kind of don't ask, don't tell thing going on with our lunch hour here so I only have to be at work for 8 hours instead of 8 and a half or 9, and I've got a pretty direct and convenient bus route out of the public transportastrophe that is the Seattle area. That's 10 and a half hours for work + commute + preparation for work, not counting time spent getting ready for bed.

By the time I get home, I'm mentally tired plus physically tired from the walk, but I have to make myself dinner, which can take a decent amount of time because I can't afford instant meals all the time, plus I've got all of society screaming at me that they're "bad." And whether from that or because they actually are filled with horrors, I feel physically worse when I eat to much of that shit.

I'm not left with a lot of down time. And because the 21st century economy is like 70% contract jobs, I get zero benefits, zero paid days off, no paid holidays, no paid sick days, nothing. I live in a little one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend. We can't afford anything better in any place that is even a little close to our jobs. Plus we have no job security, and if the car dies or one of us has a medical emergency, we'll be pretty much fucked.

That's my life, and now that Dampnut is president, I have very little hope of it being any better. I basically had to give up on modest dreams of a two bedroom apartment maybe with a decent view because I know the next horrible recession is coming. My "hope for the future" is "I hope I don't end up homeless."

And it blows my mind that there are people out there who do not have these problems at all. There are people out there who have many times more money than I will make in my entire lifetime. They can do whatever they want. They can skip a day of work and not give a fuck. Not all of them, I know, some work veerryyy haaaarrrdd. But even those people can take vacations, real ones. Not "staycations" where you just stay at home any try to mentally recover from the shit of a fucked job because you don't have the money to travel AND miss a week of pay. And they don't have to worry about anything they own breaking or getting cancer. Buying a new car or a round of chemo is NOTHING to them.

These people could give any one of us enough money to survive for an entire year and it wouldn't make a dent in their wealth. They wouldn't even notice. They wouldn't have to give up anything, or cut back on private jet rides, nothing. There are people that obscenely wealthy, and we just go on with our pathetic lives, wasting ourselves on work done for companies that thrive on exploiting us and funnel more riches into the pockets of these rich fuckers.

I hate every bit of it. Yet there are still so many people out there - in fact I'm surrounded by them every day - still utterly buried in the lies of capitalism. They buy all of it. They exist chasing the nearly impossible dream of being able to achieve that level of completely ridiculous and unnecessary wealth. They go day after day not demanding the end to this fucked up system that relies on our willingness to be exploited. It works because we buy into it. I think may of us know, at least on some level, that it's unfair. That the wealthy of this world don't actually deserve that much money and it's ridiculous for anyone to have that much money. But they convince themselves that there's no other way and cling to the false dream of obtaining that kind of wealth for themselves.

You'll never get it. It gets further out of reach every day. You're fooling yourselves.

How can we be content with so little when others have so much? And don't tell me they worked for that money. They don't work 1,000 times harder than I do. The only people who work significantly harder than I do are migrant farm workers, who make shit and do backbreaking work that white Americans cannot handle.

I am so tired of it. I'm sick of everybody around me acting like it's fine. It's not fine. It needs to end.

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