Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Trumpcare is Richcare, and the Rest of Us Are Fucked

By now I'm sure you've heard that the details for the Republican's Affordable Care Act "replacement" are out. And yes, they're terrible.

Not every part of it is terrible, but only because it's not really a replacement of anything. More like they took a big black marker to the ACA, getting rid of a lot of the best parts, saving the stuff that people are absolutely demanding be left alone, and changing the rest to benefit the rich rather than the poor.

For example, do you remember how one of the main parts of Obamacare that Republicans absolutely hated, called tyranny, etc., was the mandate requiring people to purchase an insurance plan or else pay a fine to the government? I of course would have preferred that this problem be fixed by making health insurance free for everyone, but Republicans wouldn't have that. The thing is, there had to be some way to ensure that as many people had health insurance as possible because that's the only way that the ACA would work. The ACA depended on a reversal of the previous trend of people having to wait until they were literally about to die so that emergency rooms had to treat them, leaving them with huge bills they couldn't pay because they had no insurance because they were poor. That further increased everyone else's bills because that shit has to be paid for somehow, and so on and so on until everything's fucked.

Anyway, I assumed that the Dampnut administration would do away with that mandate entirely and that everything would quickly fall apart leading to a horrible healthcare crisis and god knows what kind of hell for those of us who don't have millions of dollars. Instead, there is a punishment for not purchasing a health insurance plan. But instead of a simple yearly fine, it's a 30% increase on your premiums when you do sign up.

It's all pretty well summarized by this tweet:


But it gets worse. Besides the intense hypocrisy and corporate ass-licking that this represents, it also straight up fucks poor people. Can't afford a health insurance plan right away? You get penalized. Lose your job and can't find another one within the 63-day limit? Penalized. And you're basically encouraged just to never get a health insurance plan if you go more than a little over two months without. And a lack of insurance means a lack of preventative or regular health care, which means more dead poor people!

I'm going to start stressing this quite often. They want us dead. Poor people, working class people, or really anyone who's not rich white and cishet. They want us either incarcerated (read: enslaved) or dead. That is their ideal society.

What else is terrible about Trumpcare, which I will henceforth refer to as Richcare? A lot of things. Well, it looks like things such as mental health, addiction recovery, and maternal health will no longer be required to be covered in every plan, poor people will get less help paying for premiums, states will no longer be getting grants for expanded medicaid programs, 10 to 20 million people will lose their employer-sponsored health insurance, and so basically we're back to where we were before the ACA was passed into law, only with a big giant middle finger in most of our faces.

There's a chance that Richcare won't be passed, because there are a lot of reasons for Republicans to hate it almost as much as I do. But then we're probably just in for some tweaking that won't help poor people at all and then I'll be back to scouring every health insurance plan in existence for the one that I can afford that covers mental health care that doesn't make you pay off a massive deductible first. If that will even exist in the age of Richcare.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that this news has made me want to die a little bit. But that's what they want, clearly, so fuck that. I will make their shit efforts to "replace" the ACA as difficult as I possibly can.

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