Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Republicans Want Poor People to Die


The horrific shit coming out of this budget is fucking mind blowing, honestly. As cruel as I know Republicans are, I never thought they would just throw out any semblance of a charade of caring about human beings, including a huge chunk of the people who vote for them - poor, rural, and elderly white people.

Especially the elderly. You can't just fuck over old people. Not while there's still any hint of a fair election system. I know Republicans have gone hardcore with gerrymandering but old people will fuck you up if you mess with them. Taking away their social security, medicare, and fucking Meals on Wheels? Are you trying to commit political suicide? Or do you just want poor people dead that fucking much that you can't even wait for democracy to die first?

Maybe I'm wrong. And let's be honest, I've been wrong plenty about this country in the past several months. But I still feel like Republicans are blowing their load here.

I mean, Paul Ryan himself said "We’ve been dreaming of this since I’ve been around, since you and I were drinking out of kegs" when talking about cutting Medicaid. They have been quivering in anticipation over the course of this election and are gleeful at the chance to take away basic health care from the hands of the poor and sick. They're delighted to take food from the hungry, including hungry children. They're ecstatic to leave disabled people with nothing. They're leaping with joy at the chance to cut off heat for poor families. They want poor people cold, hungry, and sick, because they want them dead. Children, elderly, disabled, single mothers, people who can't work, anyone. It doesn't matter to them. They want poor people dead.

And guess what? We're already dying.

Knoxville woman with epilepsy dies after government benefits stop

On disability for several years, Amy Schnelle was receiving powerful anti-seizure drugs and had been seizure free since 2015. Then the United States Social Security Administration threw her a curve ball in September 2016 when they informed her she was no longer sick. 
She appealed the decision, but while her appeal was under consideration, Amy Schnelle’s benefits stopped. Nevertheless, three of the drug manufacturers provided her with sample drugs, but one did not. Sylvia Schnelle, Amy Schnelle’s mother, said without the full supply of prescription pills, her daughter relapsed in late October. 
“She had a whole lot of seizures because one of the medicines didn’t come through,” said Sylvia Schnelle. “Once you stop your medicine so abruptly you go into a tailspin of seizures and you don’t come out of it.” 
Writing to Congressman Jimmy Duncan, Amy Schnelle was able to convince the government to resume her benefits. That happened in January 2017, but in February 2017, from her apartment, she texted her mother she had a “bad” seizure and asked her to “please” come. Her mother rushed to Knoxville from her home in Dandridge. 
“Amy was on her stomach and she had already died. She died from a seizure,” said Sylvia Schnelle through tears.

Amy Schnelle is dead because of government cuts to disability benefits, because they took away the health care she needed to survive. Republicans killed her. They murdered her.

At what point do we ask ourselves, how long do we let these rich piece of shit murderers kill us before we fight back in self defense? How long until we say "you no longer get to use our money to kill others while we die of hunger and sickness. You no longer get to steal everything from us and leave us to die in poverty. You no longer get to decide what's best for us and murder us by denying us our basic needs."

People moan about broken windows and burning limos. Self defense is not violence. Taking food from the hungry and medicine from the sick is violence. They're killing us. Stop letting them.

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