Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Republicans Want Poor People to Die

When I say "Republicans," I'm referring specifically to Republican politicians. I recognize that there are people in poverty who identify as Republican. And to them I say:

Republicans want you to die.

Trumpcare = dead poor people.

"Pro-life" policy = dead poor people (and more dead fetuses, wanted and unwanted).

Anti-refugee policy = dead poor people of color.

Anti-immigration policy = dead poor people of color.

"Trickle down" policy = dead poor people.

Cutting SNAP and free school lunches = dead poor children.

Private prisons = dead poor people.

"War on Drugs" = dead poor people.

"War on Terror" = dead poor Muslim people.

Cutting environmental regulations = dead poor people.

Climate denial = dead poor people.

Withdrawing federal protections for trans people = dead poor trans people.

Anti-welfare policy = dead poor people.

Everything comes back to poor people dying. And if you're also black, Muslim, trans, Latinx, Native, etc., they want you to die even more. Actually, they only state that they want you alive in is in slavery, via the prison industrial complex, where slavery is still legal.

Think I'm exaggerating? Republicans don't even try to hide it. They don't try to pretend that their policies are going to save lives or even that they won't cause people to die. All they do is talk about how poor people deserve to die. We're too lazy to make more money, so we deserve to die. We came from another country, so we deserve to die. We take or are addicted to drugs, so we deserve to die. Our parents are poor, so we deserve to die. We live in a certain area because we can't afford to live anywhere else, so we deserve to die. We were born in the Middle East, so we deserve to die.

They want us to die, and so they're trying to kill us. And then they call us violent for fighting back. Funny.

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